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Complete Ahmedabad Travel Guide | Everything you need to know

Shavi | 15th Jun 2020

Ahmedabad (also called Amdavad or Karnavati) is Gujarat’s major city, and a startling mini-metropolis.

Straddling the Sabarmati River, its remarkably cosmopolitan, with a rich Muslim history, a tangled, beautifully restored old city, stunning museums, fine restaurants and fabulous night markets

Originally the city was founded in 1411 by Sultan Ahmed Shah from whom it takes its name. It has grown considerably in the intervening years and was for a time the capital of Gujarat.  Many travellers stop off briefly on route to Rajasthan or Mumbai, sneaking in a visit to Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi’s former headquarters), as it is also the birthplace of the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Nowadays many people take advantage of the budget cheap flights to Ahmedabad in order to pick up bargains on textiles for which the city is famous. So famous in fact that it earned the nickname of “Manchester of the East” although perhaps these days Manchester might like to have even a fraction of the textile industry that Ahmedabad has!

A flight to Ahmedabad would be a great opportunity for you to understand how the country functioned during the days gone by as it was a part of the Mughal Empire from the time of Akbar till the death of Aurungzeb. Ahmedabad holds an important place in India’s struggle for freedom. It was a major base of freedom fighters during the freedom movement. Gandhiji had built the Sabarmati Ashram on the outskirts of the city from where he had guided the freedom movement. Ahmedabad is one of the tourist destinations in India which tourists will discover a pulsating Indian city, which is a sky-scraping step-off point to the rest of Gujarat.

Ahmedabad is famous for its diversified culture and various festivals such as Uttrayan (Festival of Kites), Navaratri (Festival of ras garba), Rathyatra (Festival of Lord Jagannath).

A rising centre of higher education, information technology and scientific industries, Ahmedabad continues to remain one of the important cultural and commercial centers of western India.

Ahmedabad is the hub of trade and commerce in Gujarat. The commercial importance of Ahmedabad makes the city an important travel destination in India. Besides being home to a number of important industries, Ahmedabad also has a number of majestic monuments, which remind us of the great historical and cultural past of the city.

Ahmedabad was incorporated into the Bombay Presidency during the British rule but remained the most important city in the Gujarat region. Over a period of time, Ahmedabad established itself as the home of textile industry and earned the nickname of “the Manchester of the East.” A rising centre of higher education, information technology and scientific industries, Ahmedabad continues to remain one of the important cultural and commercial centers of western India.

Ahmedabad is proudly titled as the Manchester of the east. Moreover, Ahmedabad is a thriving city that has won a good reputation and recognition in western India, next to Mumbai. With its excellent and inspiring places in and around the town, Ahmedabad has turned to be an excellent tourism destination. Quite a number of travellers take tickets to Ahmedabad and visit the best places in the town.

Ahmedabad is popularly known for its industrial workmanship. Moreover, Ahmedabad is one of the excellent medical tourism spot that holds all the unique health facilities at minimal cost. The old city has developed rather haphazardly, and most of the roads are narrow and crowded during business hours. The new city has well-structured, wide roads. A wide variety of shops and businesses exist in the city.

As the largest city in the state of Gujarat, there are many reasons to travel to Ahmedabad. With airfares to Ahmedabad more affordable than ever, you can follow in the footsteps Muzaffarid dynasty, the Mughals, the Marathas and the British.

Indeed now with a direct flight to Ahmedabad from London to Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad flights are very accessible, making this both an interesting and worthwhile place to visit.

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