Emirates resumed its Airbus A380 flights from Heathrow Airport to Dubai yesterday and confirmed that it will be operating three additional services to assist stranded passengers.

The carrier said that it was relieved to re-establish “vital air links” between Dubai and the UK following six days of disruption caused by the volcanic ash cloud over Europe.

Emirates’ first flight to touch down on British soil following the reopening of airspace was EK001, which landed at Heathrow Airport shortly after midday yesterday.

Salem Obaidalla, the airline’s senior vice-president of commercial operations in Europe, said: “We are relieved that we have been able to get flights back into the UK. This is absolutely critical to smoothing our European operations and getting passengers moving again around our network.

“If UK airspace remains open and the situation continues to improve across the rest of Europe, we should start seeing signs of a recovery from what has been one of the most dramatic weeks in the history of commercial aviation.”

In addition to its London Heathrow service, Emirates has resumed flights from Gatwick Airport, Birmingham Airport, Glasgow Airport and other UK bases.