Las Vegas has been revealed as a continuing holiday hotspot after Virgin Atlantic announced that they were celebrating a decade of flying to the notorious desert city.

With direct flights to the original sin city still being widely available Virgin said that their 148 weekly services to the popular tourist destination remained in high demand.

A city renowned for its gaudy illuminations, it’s never ending nightlife and its attraction as one of the largest gambling centres of the world, Las Vegas still manages to draw the crowds from across America and the world alike. With iconic features such as the Las Vegas Strip and the Fountains of Bellagio attracting tourists from around the globe and a continuous stream of movies and television series such as ‘The Hangover’ and ‘CSI Las Vegas’ using the never sleeping city as their backdrop and ensuring that the glitzy environment is never far from our minds flights to the destination have remained in high demand.

Meanwhile a continuous stream of customers to the city has ensured continuing development and expansion to fulfil the desires of travellers, making it one of the United States most lucrative cities next to Orlando and New York. Expressing his delight that the service was still popular Sir Richard Branson said “Las Vegas is made for Virgin and Virgin is made for Las Vegas and we’ve had 10 great years. Ten million people have come from England here direct and it’s been a lot of fun and we are still having fun,” he added. And with plans to add a twice weekly direct service from Manchester to their portfolio it seems Vegas’ attraction is only likely to grow.