Sir Richard Branson has revealed that forward leaps in the technology used on Virgin Atlantic’s fleet of planes will allow a host of new in-flight entertainment over the coming years.

Revealing that in a few years travellers could be watching the Brazilian hosted 2014 Word Cup live from the air, he added that mobile phone use could also soon be allowed.

Virgin Atlantic, a fleet of planes which fly across the world from a range of British airports, including Edinburgh, London Heathrow and Manchester, will be kitted out with the latest in-flight entertainment systems through a close partnership with Panasonic. Revealed at a press conference as the company celebrated its tenth year of flying to Las Vegas, Sir Richard explained that being able to watch live broadcasts would be a huge step for travel entertainment.

Meanwhile Mr Branson also revealed that the partnership with Panasonic could result in passengers being able to utilise mobile phone services, email, social networking and the Internet. Whilst these services would be pay-per-use, he added that the technological advances would allow travellers far cheaper deals than the services currently provided. With the first planes due to be fitted ready for inaugural flights in March 2011, Virgin said they were to overhaul the entire fleet over the next three years, offering passengers a next generation of entertainment. Elsewhere, with Virgin Galactic soon to inspire an excited space faring public and cut flights between Britain and Australia to 2.5hrs, Virgin’s future certainly looks a bright and exhilarating one.