Now the Travellers will be able to see the new livery brand identity for Virgin Atlantic; the new design will be applied across the carrier’s fleet of 38 aircraft, as well as signage, communications and advertising.

Revealing the first “new aircraft livery and brand identity for the airline” since 2005, Virgin Atlantic said that technological advances in paint had allowed for a truly modern look to be created, with logos gaining a metallic colour and reflective depth. Although the painting may have taken more than 3,000 hours to complete, the paint is more durable than the standard kind, ensuring that Virgin’s fleet look chic and cutting edge for years to come. Chief executive Steve Ridgway said: “Despite the most challenging economic conditions that we have encountered for some time, this is just one of many design projects that Virgin Atlantic has invested in. Virgin Atlantic has a strong history of investing during downturns and we believe that our new livery and the forthcoming delivery of the Airbus A330-300 signals another period of growth for the airline.” One of the company’s Boeing 747-400 aircraft has been showcasing the new design for passengers, featuring the Virgin Atlantic name printed across the whole plane and another logo underneath for easy identification in the air.

Steve Ridgway, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, said that the firm has a history of investing during a downturn and it believes that the bold new livery will encourage growth over the next few years. He added: “We’re a dynamic and innovative British company and our new livery will really make us stand out from the crowd, both in the sky and on the ground at airports all over the world.” Offering extensive services around the world from a selection of British locations such as Gatwick, Manchester, and Glasgow, Virgin looks set to remain a popular carrier for many.

Virgin Atlantic recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of its provision of flights from London Heathrow Airport to Delhi, India.