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Bhadra Fort | A Historic Jewel In Ahmedabad’s Crown

Shavi | 24th Jul 2020

The historical city of Ahmedabad is filled with numerous magnificent palaces and forts that are worth paying a visit to. The Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad is one of the most ancient forts of the city, which offers a glimpse into the history of the city and of India. After you land on your flight to Ahmedabad, this attraction is a must-see.

The Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad was built in the year 1411 A.D. The magnificent fort was built by Shah Alam, the founder of the city of Ahmedabad. As the fort houses a temple dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali, hence it was named Bhadra.

The Bhadra fort in Ahmedabad occupies a total area of 44 acres and includes a huge garden as well as a grand pavilion. Tourists from all across the world come to take a look at this marvellous fort. The carved arches, intricately carved balconies and the exquisite Jali work of its windows attract a large number of tourists to this place every day. The arches of the fort have Islamic inscriptions carved on them.

From your flights to Ahmedabad, one of the biggest attractions of this fort is the Teen Darwaja or the Triple gateway. Located on the eastern side of the fort, this huge gateway serves as an entrance to the Royal Square, which is situated inside the fort premises. Step inside the palace and you will take back to the ages of the sultans.

Tourists can check out the rooms of the kings, the dungeons where the prisoners were kept, the royal court, and other halls and rooms of this grand monumental structure. The roof of the fort offers a wonderful view of the streets surrounding the palace. However, in order to go to the roof, one has to take special permission from the relevant authorities. Dabbed in history, the Bhadra Fort at Ahmedabad tells one tale of Sultan Shah Alam, his family, and his courtiers.

Today the fort houses a large number of government offices like that of the Archeological Survey of India, a post office, and the statue of the first industrialist of the city. The Sidi Sayed Mosque in Ahmedabad is also located inside the premises of this huge fort.

The Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad is truly one of the most famous historical places to go sightseeing in Ahmedabad. The architectural beauty and the grandeur of the fort are worth taking a look at. So book your cheap tickets to Ahmedabad and add the Bhadra Fort as a must-see on your list.

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