During the last three months 236,910 tourists visited Sri Lanka, Economic Development Deputy Minister said.

This is a huge increase compared to last year’s figures. According to Economic Development Ministry statistics, 200,582 tourists had visited during the first three months of last year. Therefore, 36,328 more tourists have visited the country in just three months.

It is an 18.11 percent increase, he said. It has been observed that tourists are visiting the country from every part of the world including Asia, Europe, Western countries, African countries and so on. A considerable number of tourists are visiting from Switzerland, the Deputy Minister added.

The incident which occurred a few months back has not affected the tourist arrivals. However, the government has taken every step to strengthen the safety of all tourists. Besides, the government is engaged in improving the facilities for tourists visiting the country aiming to provide them with an unforgettable tour, thus increasing the number of flights to Colombo.

It has been noted that flights to Sri Lanka has have significantly increased annually. Meanwhile, many new tourist attractions and locations situated especially in the North and East are attracting tourists. Nilawali, Passikuda and Arugam Bay are among such tourist attractions.

Considering the prevailing favourable situation, a significant number of tourists would visit the country, the deputy minister said.