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Ahmedabad, the largest city of Gujarat and the sixth-largest city of India is located in the western region of India. Ahmedabad is situated on the bank of the Sabarmati River. Formerly Ahmedabad was known as Manchester of India for its textile industries. Ahmedabad is also called Karnavati and Amdavad. It is famous for its diversified culture and various festivals such as Uttrayan (Festival of Kites), Navaratri (Festival of ras Garba), and Rathyatra (Festival of Lord Jagannath).

Ahmedabad offers the traveller various interesting and historical places. Ancient mosques, temples, and forts are the main attraction for tourists. Visitors like to visit Jumma Masjid, Hutheesingh Derasar, and the famous Sabarmati ashram.

Best Time To Visit

The climate of Ahmedabad is hot and moist. The best period to visit Ahmedabad is between November and February, it is the winter season. The weather is cool and pleasant in winter. In summer (April-June) temperature can reach 46.0°C. Good Rainfall in monsoon (July-September) gives relief to Ahmedabad from the hot summer.

Attractions in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has got various beautiful tourist attractions, ranging from ancient mosques (Juma Masjid, Sidi Sayed Mosque, Ahmed Shah Mosque, and Rani Rupmati Mosque, etc), temples (Hathesing Temple, ISCON Temple, Swaminarayan Temple, etc) and the famous Sabarmati ashram.

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