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Kochi consists of mainland Ernakulam, the islands of Willington, Bolgatty and Gundu in the harbour, Fort Kochi and Mattancherry on the southern peninsula, and Vypeen Island north of Fort Kochi, all linked by ferry. The influence of the Chinese, Jews, Arabs, and Europeans is evident in Cochin and its people. The oldest church in India, 500-year-old Portuguese houses, old tiled houses built in the Chinese pagoda style, the famous Chinese fishing nets, a Jewish community whose roots go back to the Diaspora, synagogues, and mosques all tell the fascinating story of this harbour town.

The harbour is still at the heart of the city and pepper, seafood, rubber and coir are exported from here. Despite this, Kochi is an attractive city with serene backwaters, lagoons overhung with feathery coconut palms and picturesque islands. The older parts of Fort Kochi and Mattanchery are an unlikely blend of medieval Portugal, Holland, and an English country village grafted onto the tropical Malabar Coast. Cochin is one of India’s largest ports and a major naval base.

Best Time To Visit Kochi

Being situated very close to the sea, Kochi has a moderate climate. Heavy showers are experienced during the months of June, July, and August due to the South-West Monsoon. The North-East Monsoon brings light rainfall during the months of September, October, November, and December. December to February is pretty cool. The annual rainfall is about 310 cm. In summer the temperature rises to a maximum of 35 ºC while in winter it is around 25 ºC. Cochin is well-connected with the rest of the country via a large air, rail and road network.

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