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Shopping for local and traditional handicraft items is not be missed activity while on a holiday in Kerala. Explore the best and most authentic markets and shops and buy some of the most exclusive souvenirs from Kerala.

The beautiful destination of Kerala offers excellent options for shopping in various destinations across the state. Enjoying a holiday in Kerala and returning empty-handed is certainly unthinkable.

What To Buy

Popular souvenirs that you need to buy in Kerala are spices and tea, mural paintings Chinese ceramics, houseboats made of screw pine, sandalwood crafts, coir products, grass mats and soft mats made from silk, rosewood snake boats, kathakali showpieces, traditional Kerala jewellery, bronze ware, fibre crafts, and many other local produce handicrafts.

Where To Buy

Some of the most popular places where you can enjoy an uninterrupted shopping spree are –


Being the capital city, it goes without saying that this is the main shopping centre of the state. For spice, good clothes, fresh fruits, and vegetables, the Connemara market is the best place. If you want to buy authentic NIgiri Coffe then Sankers Coffee and Tea is the best option. They sell coffee (Rs 240 per kilo) and nuts as well.

The SMSM Institute (closed on Sunday) behind the secretariat on YMCA road, is a famous government emporium selling traditional handicrafts like sandalwood crafts, fibre craft, and Nattippattom (the glittering ornament that adorns the forehead of the elephant) at a very reasonable rate. The area around East Ford is ideal for shopping for gold, Mundus, and brass lamps. Netturpetti, the ethnic jewel box of the Kerala woman, Mural paintings and can be bought from the government emporium called Culture Shoppe’s outlet at Mascot Hotel.


The city of Cochin is a popular shopping destination famous for its handicrafts. When in Kochi make your way towards the main road in Ernakulam (12 km from Kochi) to buy beautiful gold, precious and semi-precious jewellery. The Broadway in Ernakulam is good for buying Mattancherry is the place to buy antique items, spices, coffee, and tea among other local items. Metal utensils and ceramics are also popular buys here. New Street, MG Road, Jew Street, and Government Handicraft Emporium are popular places to shop in Kochi.


Alleppey in Kerala is all about coir products and carpets. the famous market here is Mullakkal which has many shops renowned for selling gold and silver ornaments. It is a small town where tourists can easily find local men selling coir products and carpets. Spices like pepper, coconut oil, areca nut, and cardamom can also be bought from local shops at Canal Bazaar in the town.


In Kerala, Thrissur is the place where the world-famous silk is weaved, making silk products inevitable to buy here. Jeweller sold here is also famous shopping item. Ambady Handicrafts is a government hub where tourists can buy all the local handicrafts at a reasonable price. Coir products are not missed items to buy in Thrissur.


The tea estate of Kerala, Munnar is also a favoured shopping stopover for those wanting to buy aromatic coffee and tea. One can buy these directly from the factories where they are produced. Also, other articles available for shopping here are wooden decorative that can be bought from shops near Matupetty Dam.


Another important place for shopping in Kerala is Varkala, where the Tibetan Markets sell necklaces, bracelets, earrings, singing bowls, Tibetan incense for meditation, cloth handbags, and metal crafts with Buddha carvings on them. The Beach bazaars held here offer various items like coir items, horn-carved products, and aromatic spices tea & coffee.

Besides the most popular shopping destinations in Kerala, tourists are advised to shop while on a backwater cruise or any other local adventure. Almost every house in rural Kerala manufactures its own handicrafts and watching them do so is a pleasure one cannot experience anywhere else in the world.

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