About Dal Lake, Dharamshala

Dal Lake is a well-known tourist destination located at an elevation of 1775 km above sea level, 11 km from Dharamshala. Surrounded by forests of lush green deodar trees, this lake is situated on the road between McLeodganj and the village of Naddi. The Dal Lake serves as a base camp for trekkers in Dharamshala and McLeodganj.

Dal Lake, with its lush greenery and blooming trees, is a perfect spot to laze around with loved ones and enjoy a carefree day in the lap of nature. This tourist attraction is visited by nature lovers throughout the day. For adventure seekers, trekking expeditions around the lake are an option. Dal Lake is also a perfect place to stop over and relax if you are trekking up to Naddi, which is also known as the Sunset Point.

A grand fair is organized at the banks of the Dal Lake every September, owing to the Shiva Temple here. This gala event is celebrated to mark the presence of Lord Shiva and is attended by a large number of people of the Gaddi Tribe. 

According to legend, these fish are never caught or eaten because the lake is believed to be cursed. Ironically enough, the lake is also considered a sacred spot as there is a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on the banks of the lake. 

Best Time to Visit Dal Lake 

The best time to visit is between May to October as, during this time, the weather conditions are quite favorable and pleasant. During the winters, the place is filled with snow and it becomes quite difficult to spend a peaceful time here. The boating is also closed during the winters. If you can, plan a trip to Dal Lake in the month of September, you can witness the amazing fair that takes place there.

How to Reach Dal Lake McLeodganj

The Dal Lake is located in the Kangra district and is just 2 kilometers away from the main market. You can take an auto from the bus stand to reach the lake. For those who are coming from the Naddi Village to see the lake, the Dal Lake is just a kilometer away and can be reached by walking and enjoying the scenic views.

Naddi Village

After visiting Dal Lake, tourists can go to Naddi village which is located further 1km from the attraction. The place is well known for its natural beauty and scenic setting and is an ideal place for people seeking both adventurous and peaceful experiences. Naddi village offers an amazing view of the valley with chilling sunset and a relaxing experience at Eco point.

There is a 3 km long trekking expedition which will keep the tourists; adrenaline high and the villagers also experience a festival in the summers where you can taste different culinary and interact with the local people. Various shrines are also available in the village worshipping Lord Keeling and other gods. It is considered a great destination for weekend getaways.

Things to Do at Dal Lake

While visiting Dal Lake, there are various things you can do such as enjoying a picnic, trekking, taking pictures of the beautiful hills with panoramic view and lake surrounded by green forest and blue sky.

During the winters, the place is filled with snow which can be seen on top of the trees, giving a mesmerizing view of nature.

Spending a quiet afternoon beside the lake and watching the fishes is certainly one of the most peaceful activities to do here.

People can also visit the small yet beautiful Shiva Mandir where a fair is also celebrated.

The most entertaining activity you can do at Dal lake is boating which will offer you a breathtaking view of hills during the sunset.

You can also go fishing at the lake by taking permission from the authority.


Do not forget to take fish food and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your loved one while feeding the fishes.

Do not try to swim in the lake as there are many snakes in the lake.

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