Swaying palms, white sands and sparkling waters, are the three essential elements that attract UK visitors in millions annually to Goa’s glorious shores.

As a rising star in India’s tourism industry, an increasing number of British holidaymakers are seeking out the pleasures of Goa and increasingly booking flights to Goa. This heavenly holiday region offers a huge number of beaches to explore in a laid back environment. Whether visitors want tourist bustle or secluded spots, there are a range of options.

Though the northern beaches of Goa are well developed, the southern beaches are less spoiled by commercial developments. For tourists wanting to explore untouched landscapes and get away from the crowds, the further south visitors travel, the more isolated they will become. Meanwhile, two ideal northern beaches that offer a quieter affair are Betalbatim and Majorda, providing a welcome alternative to the ever popular Colva Beach. These two fishing villages are much more secluded and offer the chance to find tourist developments without the crowds.

Hiring cars and scooters is another ideal way to travel to some of the lesser-known beaches. Agonda Beach is very secluded with just a few palm shacks, whilst nearby Cabo de Rama Fort is a wonderful place for those looking for some culture. Meanwhile, Palolem Beach is surrounded by woodland and is a beautiful place to explore for those who want to explore Goa’s less famous areas.

The state of Goa in India, was a Portuguese colony until 1962, and is famous for its Indo-Portuguese culture and architecture. Goa’s beaches reflect its colourful mosaic of history. The combination of the “sosegãdo” or laid back lifestyle, bracing weather and Goa’s carnival-like nightlife has been known to lure many into a psychedelic trance.

As you holiday in Goa and feel the soft sand beneath your feet, you’ll find that there is no place like a warm, inviting beach in Goa to enjoy a rejuvenating paradise holiday destination.

The multitude of beaches in Goa offer something for everyone, from luxury resorts to makeshift huts, and trance parties to tranquility. The Goa beach that’s right for you will depend on the kind of experience you want to have and according to that you will book flights to Goa and enjoy the perfect beach holiday.