Hyderabad is the capital of one of the most techno-savvy states in India, Andhra Pradesh. This city is also called the city of pearls because of the major dealing of pearls that is done from this part of the state. There is also a love story that is related to the founding of the city of Hyderabad. The story goes something like this that once there was a young prince, Muhammad Quli, who fell in love with a small-time maiden from Chichlam village across the river Musi. Ibrahim Qutb Shah, father of Muhammad Quli, built a bridge on the river so that the crown prince did not endanger his life. When Muhammad Quli ascended the throne, he built a grand structure, the Charminar, at the place where the village once stood. The city was then called Bhagnagar to appease his beloved, Bhagmati. Later on, it was called Hyderabad. Bhavnagar means city of good fortune

Hyderabad was modeled after the Isfahan that is in Iran and was built under the supervision of the prime minister of Muhammad Quli, Mir Momin. Mir Momin tried to create a replica of the Paradise to suit Muhammad Quli’s status as the greatest of the Qutb Shahi rulers. The city was completed in 1592. The French traveler, Tavernier when visited India in 1652, compared Hyderabad to Orleans and in 1672, Abbe Carr was much impressed by the city as the center of all trade in the East. Hyderabad is now turning itself into a more commercially aggressive city in India. City of Hyderabad has been hosting some of the major trade shows and technology fairs in India for the past couple of years.

Tourist Attractions: The Charminar, The Galleries Of Charminar, The Arches Of Charminar, The Mecca Masjid, Jami Masjid, Toli Masjid, Husain Sagar Lake, Falakuma Palace, Rang Mahal. The best time to visit Hyderabad city is between October to March.

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