Lonely Planet has recommended the city of Chandigarh for travellers who are planning to head off the beaten track during a trip to India this year.

The destination has become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly as a stop-over point for people going to and from Pakistan and travellers road-tripping from Delhi to the state of Himachal Pradesh, according to Sarina Singh, senior author of the Lonely Planet guide to India.

Commenting on the appeal of Chandigarh, Ms Singh pointed out that it boasts one of the country’s most popular tourist sites – the Nek Chand Fantasy Rock Garden.

“Another reason for the recent surge in tourism is Chandigarh’s clean, green appeal, which offers travellers a welcome respite from the vicissitudes of life on the road,” she added.

“Finally, there is a growing number of tourists – often those who have made several visits to India – who are keen to jump off the tourist treadmill – Chandigarh, historically one of India’s lesser-visited tourist destinations, perfectly fits the bill in this regard.

Travellers can catch flights to Chandigarh with Air India, and other carriers.

Another option is to fly to Delhi and travel to the city by bus or train.