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Discover the Best of South Africa: A Wide Travel Guide

Shavi | 21st Jun 2020

Like most parts of South Africa, Cape Town is one legendary location full of beaches, fun, sports, activities, and events that never seem to end. You can’t get tired of it, not at all. There is so much variety in several things that you can do yourself or just sit back and enjoy. That is why people call it a destination that has something for everyone.

First of all, going to Cape Town is not so expensive if you know how to make the right choice in flights. It’s a common practice that people take flights via Johannesburg to make the most of their trip, getting connection flights for Johannesburg (daily flights available) to Kruger National Park or even Victoria Falls. But if you have already been there, then just consider getting flights to Cape Town from London. British Airways operate direct to Cape Town and in the off-season prices are the same with BA just as with any other carrier. For more details or checking prices for Cheap Flights to Cape Town, please check the following link

There are uncountable means of adventure and fun that you can easily find in every nook and corner of Cape Town. For the adventure, outdoor or sports enthusiast Cape Town is an ideal destination with a range of activities from hiking, climbing, and abseiling to waterspouts, diving, and golf. Whether you are interested in exploring Land, sea, or air – Cape Town has it all, combined with fantastic settings and sunny skies.

When it comes to just simply walking or sightseeing, or even hiking, many hikers state that Cape Town is a terrific place to master the art. The Cape Peninsula has a wide array of walking and hiking trails catering to all fitness levels. Hikes may lead you through lush forests, indigenous fynbos, and rocky terrain and you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views and fresh mountain air that will fill your soul with a new taste of Life.

Another way to crown your trip to Cape Town or something that must not be forgotten while there is to marvel at the beauty of one of the finest beaches in the whole wide world. Cape Town’s beaches are ideal for any number of water sports including surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, and kite-surfing. Scuba diving is also popular and the reefs, caves, and many shipwrecks that line the coastline make for some excellent dives. There is an excellent game fishing off the Cape Point coast and for the more adventurous, why not try shark cage diving, the guides say that the danger is minimal, however, you must take the necessary privations and avoid getting too close.

For those who get scared of even the thought of being there with the Sharks, you can have your part of the fun and adventure by taking a Helicopter trip around the peninsula or paying a visit to Thunder city near the airport, where for a small fortune you can take flight in an original world war fighter jet…and soar through time to experience the 1930’s! For tiger hearts, try paragliding from Lions Head for a bird’s eye view of Clifton and Camp’s Bay or from Sir Lowry’s pass near Somerset West for views across False Bay. Camping, Boating, Golfing, Sailing, Yachting, swimming, sunbathing, or simply sunset picnics, Cape Town has it all to make your trip one perfect holiday!

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