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Discovering Ahmedabad Best Food: A Guide to Local Cuisine

Shavi | 15th Jun 2020

Ahmedabad offers a wide array of Indian and international cuisines. The people of Ahmedabad enjoy rich culinary traditions. The delicious, spicy, tasty varieties of dishes are found in hotels and restaurants located in various parts of the city.

Ahmedabad caters to every taste from home-cooked Gujarati thalis to exquisite gourmet meals. The predominantly vegetarian Gujarati cuisine with its dal bath, roti, dhokla, kadhi, and theplas is irresistible. Add to this the delights of Srikhand and Doodhpak and the rich flavours of Undhyoo.

Once you arrive in India from your cheap flights to Ahmedabad, for an authentic Gujarati experience order a Thali in any Gujarati restaurant in Ahmedabad. Choose between Spicy North Indian flavours or delicious South Indian food. If you fancy Chinese cuisine, Thai food or Continental not to miss out on Pizzas and Burgers, Ahmedabad has it too. Explore and eat at the Law garden and the C. G. Road municipal market eateries to experience the real Amdavad. If you love good food Ahmedabad is the place for you.

Ahmedabadis are usually very fond of food. The cuisine of Ahmedabad consists of delicious lip-smacking dishes that will tempt you to try out more and more food each time you enter into a restaurant. This explains the reason why the restaurants and cafes in Ahmedabad are always thronged by people.

Once you arrive from your flight to Ahmedabad, you will definitely find your favourite cuisine in Ahmedabad as the city has a host of restaurants offering traditional as multinational dishes. If you want to have vegetarian dishes, then Ahmedabad is a seventh heaven for you. You will have everything from Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai and Intercontinental dishes.

Gujarati cuisine is in many ways unique from other culinary traditions of India. It is one of the few cultures where a majority of people are vegetarians. This vegetarianism may have originally sprung from religious ideologies and beliefs of the region. Gujarati cuisine has so much to offer and each dish has an absolutely different cooking style. Some of the dishes are stir fry, while others are boiled. Gujarati food is more often served on a silver platter. Gujaratis use a combination of different spices and flavour to cook their meals and this is what makes their food truly exotic.

Ahmedabad is equally famous among food freaks for its exciting array of non-vegetarian delights and a wide range of international cuisines. With its rich culinary heritage and mouth-watering offerings, Ahmedabad truly stands out as a food metropolis that has something to offer to every gourmet lover. Go ahead and explore the finger-licking feasts of Ahmedabad.

For those who fancy Chinese, Thai, Intercontinental or Italian food, there are innumerable restaurants to go for. You should not miss out on Pizzas and Burgers for Ahmedabad boasts of a great variety of international food as well. You can find plenty of dining options around Ahmedabad. Sample traditional dishes or take a break from Indian cuisine at one of the area’s cosmopolitan restaurants.

With an array of lip-smacking cuisines and gourmet delights, Ahmedabad promises to tickle the taste buds of every food lover. Book your flights to Ahmedabad and taste the flavours of Ahmedabad.

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