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Nature And Wildlife In India | Best Indian Nature Travel Blog

Shavi | 16th Sep 2020

Discover India with cheap flights to India, it is a both beautiful and bamboozling place, where holy cows bask on heavenly beaches next to modern hotels, and ancient temples sit perfectly at home beside shiny offices. Glittering trains pass through rural villages where life hasn’t changed for hundreds of years, and through it, all teem one-sixth of the world’s population. India is vast, varied, and, above all, unforgettably beautiful.

If you are a real enthusiast, who would love to shoot a tiger with his lens, follow the elephant by its trail, chase the elegant gazelles and the bucks through the forest floors, go on for a date with the Royal Bengal Tiger, step into the territory of uncertainty or just survive out in some of the most challenging woodlands in the world – India is the place for you.

India is blessed with unlimited natural richness, which makes her one of the leading wildlife tourist destinations in the world. It’s a paradise for all nature and wildlife lovers.

The geographical location and the topographical conditions of India offer, a safe haven to a number of flora and fauna, of which many are almost on the verge of extinction today. It is for the preservation as well as for safe habitation, a number of National Parks have been established all around India. They also provide a safe place for various migratory birds in the winter months.

With its famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, India is surely one of the best places to visit, when it comes to variety and appeal. Right from the majestic elephants in the North East, the Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sunderbans, the lions in the Gir forest, and rare and exotic animals like the one-horned rhino, sambhar, nilgai, and chausingha, India has almost all species of wildlife inhabitants.

Be it an elephant or jeep safaris, nature walks, or hikes, a wildlife tour in India surely opens up a world of options for adventure-seeking tourists.

Corbett National Park

Die-hard animal lovers make a beeline for this national park which is actually the first national park of the country. Located on the foothill of the Himalayas, Corbett National Park provides shelter to a number of flora and fauna. This place is famous for Tigers, Leopards, and Elephants. Corbett National Park is hilly, and marshy, and is cut by ravines. The lower area of the park is covered by Sal trees and there are 110 species of trees and over 50 species of mammals in the park.  The park is home to 25 species of reptiles and 580 species of birds. The place is famous not only because of the tiger population but also famous for four kinds of deer. People also come here to see elephants and crocodiles.

Gir National Park

Sprawling over an area of 3,386 sq km, the Gir National Park is the home to one of the rarest and most majestic predators on earth, the Asiatic Lion. The forest is a wonderful mix of teak, acacia, and banyan trees.  Other than the majestic lions, Gir is also home to the fastest predator on earth, the spotted leopard. This is just the right sort of place for big game lovers to see the wild and the powerful in all its glory.

Kanha National Park

This national park, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is home to a large number of animals of different species. Of all the wildlife parks in the country, this is arguably the finest. Spread over an area of more than 940 sq km, the park provides shelter to more than 22 different species of mammals and more than 200 species of birds. This is a paradise for wildlife photographers or naturalists.

Kaziranga National Park

Right on the bank of the mighty Brahmaputra River find the amazing Kaziranga National Park in the state of Assam. It comprises a total area of about 430 sq km of swamp and is the land of the Indian one-horned Rhino. Other than the one-horned Indian rhino, you can also see other animals like the tiger, elephant, hyena, sambar, nilgai, chinkara, and chowsingha. There are also crocodiles and langurs in the national park. The park is also rich in plant diversity. There are quite a few lakes in the park and if you love to watch birds you will find more than 5000 of these beautiful feathers. Rare species like blackbucks too can be found here.

Panna National Park

Located in the central Indian province of Madhya Pradesh, Panna National Park is a very popular wildlife reserve. The landscape is rocky, the terrain is uneven and the park is famous for its big cats like the tigers and the leopards. Apart from the powerful and huge tigers, the park also has a wolf, chital, sloth bear, chinkara, and sambar. River Ken flows through Panna National Park and you will also find crocodiles and alligators in the river. Here you will surely find a lot of peacocks and the extravagant colours of the peacocks fascinate the onlookers.

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is located between two of the oldest mountain ranges in India, the Aravalli and Vindhya. With an area of more than 1334 sq km, the national park provides great scope for adventure and jungle safaris to tourists coming from all over the world.  Ranthambore is one place where you can be pretty sure of finding the majestic big cat, the tiger. The national park also has a variety of other animals like leopards, jungle cats, and marsh crocodiles. You will also see wild boars, sloth bears, and porcupines.

India is an eternally popular destination and indeed a mini-universe by itself, promising to leave you mesmerized. So come and discover it with us, where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights & sounds of India. With cheap flights to India made easily available from all UK cities like London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, and many others there are great flight deals to India available with Air India, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and many more. Book your cheap ticket to India with Oceans Travel.

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