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Ahmedabad | Rich Culture and Heritage | Everything you need to know

Shavi | 26th Jul 2020

Ahmedabad is a city that boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage. From its stunning monuments to its vibrant festivals and traditions, there’s something for everyone to experience and explore in this beautiful city. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the must-see attractions that showcase Ahmedabad’s rich culture and heritage.

Ahmedabad offers breathtaking locations and scenic landscapes. It is also a melting pot of several civilizations resulting in a vibrant culture and a rich heritage, many travellers book cheap flights to Ahmedabad, to visit the religious and historical attractions of Ahmedabad. Gujarat is home to several architectural marvels, witnesses of its glorious history, and pilgrim centres for many faiths. Finally, it is also the land of several mythological and historical figures like the legendary Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of non-violence.

Ahmedabad – “the Manchester of the East” has a diversified culture where people from all walks of life participate in the cultural race from dance-drama to food and festivals. Ahmedabad is a living city with an architectural landscape based on the Indo-Saracenic style. The gentle and peace-loving people of Ahmedabad have made this city a dynamic place for living and exploring.

Ahmedabad is a living city with an architectural landscape based on the Indo-Saracenic style. The gentle and peace-loving people of Ahmedabad have made this city a dynamic place for living and exploring, so why not avail great offers and book cheap tickets to Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad is a mix of ancient and modern cultures with a large number of architectural monuments, mosques, temples, and high-rise offices. The city offers a unique style of architecture, which is a blend of Hindu and Islamic styles (Indo-Saracenic style of architecture). A part of Ahmedabad is known for its folk art and crafts. Intellectuals from different parts of Gujarat have migrated to the city due to its literary institutions for the promotion of Gujarati literature.

The city of Ahmedabad prides itself on its exotic culture. It is a land of safaris and the arts, pristine natural landscapes and rustic neighbourhoods. One of the city’s greatest strengths and most attractive qualities is its ability to merge the old and new worlds and in particular its unique religious and cultural traditions with modern-day celebrations. As a result, this Indian city is a Mecca for visitors who are looking for an exciting and unique travel destination.

The history and culture of Gujarat have their roots in its religion. The fairs and festivals celebrated here, have religious significance for its people. A joyous environment, colourful dresses, devotion, and love for the deities, this is what signify festivals for anybody residing in Ahmedabad.

The city becomes a sparkling place when there is any fair or festival being celebrated and many buy tickets to Ahmedabad to celebrate these festivals. The kite-flying Festival (Uttarayan) is celebrated on January 14 every year. The nine nights of Navaratri are celebrated in a traditional manner with people performing Garba at pre-arranged venues, which is the folk dance of Gujarat. Religious festivals like Deepavali, Holi, Eid ul-Fitr, and Christmas are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Many of Ahmedabad’s most popular festivals revolve around the many beautiful temples that dot the city. The Chariot Festival, known locally as Rath Yatra, is a popular eight-day event that showcases this marriage of modern celebration with religious and cultural tradition. Thousands of participants flood the Temple of Jagannath each summer and make the week-long pilgrimage between two of the city’s temples as a devotion to Lord Jagannath. The chariot festival is meant to celebrate the Indian god’s journey home, re-enacting one of their religious stories through the chariot rides and the celebration that it merits. Daily flights to Ahmedabad are available to this ancient and fascinating destination throughout the year.

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