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Flying Royalty! Emirates Airline | Everything you need to know

James | 17th Aug 2022

Emirates is one of the world’s largest international airlines, flying to 158 destinations in 85 countries. It operates in more than 150 cities in 80 different countries across 6 continents.

One of the two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates is the Emirates. Additionally, it is the biggest airline in the Middle East, which includes Egypt, East Thrace, Iran, Araba, and Iran. One of Emirates’ main goals is to provide global air connections and be a global leader in the airline industry.

In other words, the company’s strategies are designed to help it become globally competitive in the aviation sector.

But how did it grow so big? What is the history behind it?

Read the paragraph below to find out more!

The Emirati Economy and History

Emirates Airlines was founded on March 25th, 1985 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ahmeb Bin Saeed Al Maktoum is the CEO of the UAE. Its first flight was on October 25th, 1985.

Emirates operated its flights from Dubai to Karachi and Mumbai using a Boeing 737 and an Airbus 300 B4 wet-leased from Pakistan International Airlines. So, during the mid-1980s, Gulf Air (an airline) began to decrease its services to Dubai.

As a result, Emirates Airlines was formed in March 1985 with support from Dubai’s royal family. In the mid-1980s, one of the best airlines at the time, Pakistan International Airlines, played a critical role in establishing Emirates Airlines by providing a technical and administrative assistant to the new carrier.

They also gifted a new Boeing 737-300 and an Airbus A300B4-2000, as well as two used Boeing 727-200 Adv by the Royal Family’s Dubai Royal Air Wing.

The airline’s first flight was from Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates) to Karachi, Pakistan on October 25th, 1985. By the early 1990s, Emirates was among the world’s fastest-growing airlines; revenue increased by approximately US$100 million each year, approaching US$500 million in the year 1993.

The airline carried 1.6 million passengers and 68,000 tonnes of cargo in the same year.

Emirates Logo | Flying Royalty! Flying Emirates! (Blog by Oceans Travel)

Extra Information About Emirates

The Emirates became successful by working hard to earn the loyalty of its passengers and by winning over new customers by continually investing in new products, services, and technology. The airline spent $22 million installing and maintaining in-flight connectivity systems across its fleet, which is now 70% WI-FI enabled. 

It is one of the best airlines for its high standards, quality-first mindset, engaging crew, exceptional space, 1,000 movies and service that comes in many languages. Enjoy regional meals and treats to keep you fueled on longer flights.

Pack more with a better baggage allowance. And enjoy bigger smiles from your young flyers with meals, toys, and entertainment just for them. Before you book a flight with Emirates, it would be beneficial if you understood the cabin classes.

Emirates offers different cabin classes on their flights, namely, economy, business, and first class. Whatever class you fly with Emirates, you can be sure to enjoy world-class service! While many passengers make their bookings in economy class to save money, it can be useful to understand what pleasures and comforts lie ahead for them when they upgrade to a different cabin.

Read on to learn about the economy, business, and first-class cabins with Emirates and select your preferred way of flying. 

Emirates Economy Class

Emirates Economy Class | Flying Royalty! Flying Emirates! (Blog by Oceans Travel)
Image From NerdWallet

When flying on Emirates Economy Class, you can look forward to the best flight experience!

Emirates Business Class

Emirates Business Class | Flying Royalty! Flying Emirates! (Blog by Oceans Travel)
Image on Flickr

Emirates creates the perfect living space for its business-class passengers. Food, entertainment, and other services Emirates has 3 types of business class, which are: A380 Business Class, 777 Business Class, and First Class. You can experience it both on the ground and in flight.

Emirates First Class

Emirates First Class | Flying Royalty! Flying Emirates! (Blog by Oceans Travel)
Image on Offical Emirates Website

When you are flying first class on Emirates, it feels like your own private jet. In first class, you feel like you are in a world of your own. Enjoy delicious cuisine, and endless amounts of entertainment, and you can even shower at any time!

In first class, there are 2 types: Emirates A380 First Class and Boeing 777 First Class (basically the same as business class).

Emirates A380 Business Class

Emirates A380 Business Class | Flying Royalty! Flying Emirates! (Blog by Oceans Travel)
Image on Offical Emirates Website

Get ready to enjoy a seamless journey when you fly Business Class on the A380. Regionally flavoured gourmet dishes made with the freshest of ingredients will be served to business class passengers flying with Emirates.

Watch movies, listen to music, and play games as you explore the wide selection of entertainment options to choose from.

Enjoy a comfortable and relaxed journey while you peacefully sleep, thanks to the reclining seats and a fully flat bed with a comfy mattress. Interact with other passengers and make new friends in the skies.

The onboard bar is shared between first and business class, and it is a fun place to hang out and interact with other passengers onboard. 

A passenger said, “The crew were likeable.” And I loved the flat bed with a comfy mattress. It was very comfortable when I slept and watched a movie. The gourmet dishes were very tasty, which made me stuffed. Overall, my A380 Business Class was awesome, and I would love to go on it again because it felt like time flew by! ” 

Passgener on A380 Business Class

Emirates Boeing 777 Business

Emirates Boeing 777 Business | Flying Royalty! Flying Emirates! (Blog by Oceans Travel)
Image on Flickr

777 Business Class means enjoying ultimate luxury. Experience a new level of comfort and entertainment as you settle down in your comfortable and spacious seats with soft leather fabric. Watch your favourite shows on an HD TV while enjoying gourmet meals. Just sit back and relax (on angled flat beds) while you pick a drink from your personal minibar in the refreshed Business Class cabins on the Boeing 777. Enjoy the experience as all your comforts are within reach.

A380 First Class

Emirates A380 First Class | Flying Royalty! Flying Emirates! (Blog by Oceans Travel)
Image on Flickr

Switch off with ambient lighting and endless entertainment on the widescreen. As you kick back and enjoy free-flowing drinks right in your seat while on your Emirates flight,

Choose from a choice of premium beverages and canapés served by a dedicated bartender. The first-class suites are incredibly comfortable and feature direct aisle access. You can even wear your pyjamas and slippers to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed onboard!

Appreciate the Bvlgari amenity kits and rejuvenate them in the A380 Shower Spa. The shower suite is a favourite among the A380’s first-class passengers. And there is indeed something amazing about it, even if it is just a five-minute shower.

Boeing 777 First Class

Boeing 777 First Class | Flying Royalty! Flying Emirates! (Blog by Oceans Travel)
Image on Offical Emirates Website

The Boeing 777 First Class is like staying in your own private hotel because the service is excellent and it feels so luxurious and sumptuous.

In 777 First Class, you will experience this as you close the doors and relax in your private room.

With features personal lighting and temperature control. Ask the crew to make up the fully flat bed for you as you get a restful night’s sleep.

Enjoy a personal dining service that includes lavish cuisine and beverages from the menu. Explore those thousands of channels of entertainment on a personal widescreen in complete privacy, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling doors.

A passenger said, “Boeing 777 First Class was AMAZING! The flight attendants and crew were all lovely and understanding. And the food was scrumptious and appetizing. There were so many different channels of entertainment to be watched on Emirates! I would love to come back again.”

Passenger on Boeing 777 First Class


You may be thinking, after looking at all the perks and benefits of Emirates, what makes it different from any other airline? Emirates’ range of world-class products and services on board its modern.

Wide-body aircraft helped to secure the award wins, with passengers able to enjoy over 4,500 channels of entertainment! And it has even more space than any other airline!

Whatever class you fly with Emirates, you will surely remember its services. The airline boasts one of the youngest fleets of planes, with the latest aircraft and world-class facilities for its passengers.

Whether it is the inflight entertainment, culinary pleasures, or the inflight services by their professional cabin crew, the passengers have nothing to complain about.

What stands out in first class and business class is the improved food and drink selection. And the comfy seats and bedding, and the awesome onboard entertainment options!

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