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Top Festivals Celebrated in Ahmedabad | Rich Culture and Vibrant Festivities!

Shavi | 26th Jul 2020

Book your cheap flight to Ahmedabad and experience the colourful city during the important festivals it hosts.

The history and culture of Gujarat have their roots in its religion. The fairs and festivals celebrated here have religious significance for its people. A joyous environment, colourful dresses, devotion, and love for the deities, this is what signify festivals for anybody residing in Ahmedabad. Many people visit Ahmedabad to participate in these joyous festivals by booking cheap tickets to Ahmedabad.

There are two important festivals celebrated in the city. One is Uttrayan (Makar Sankranti) or Kite Festival. The other festival is Navratri which is a festival of nine nights. An annual Jagannath Rath Yatra (Chariot Procession) is also conducted by local people on a massive scale.

Kite Festivals or Uttarayan Festival – “Kaapyo Chhey” – This is what you could hear on 14th January, in the festival of Makar Sankranti or the festival of kites or “Utarayan”. The festival marks the end of winter and the return of the sun to the northern hemisphere and hence is named “Uttar ayan”. The International Kite Festival is always held at Ahmedabad on January 14, to coincide with the festival of Uttrayan or Makar Sankranti. People celebrate Uttarayan with a lot of enthusiasm and all business comes to a grinding halt for a couple of days. It is also a celebration to mark the end of winter. 

Saptak Music Festival – It is a festival of Indian classical music usually held in the first week of January in Ahmedabad every year. The festival is spread over eleven days and is conducted by a public charitable trust, which runs the Saptak School of Music. The festival was started in 1980 and was inaugurated by legendary Sitar player Ravi Shankar.

Modhera Dance Festival – Modhera dance festival is the main festival of Ahmedabad. The festival is celebrated with full enjoyment at Modhera Sun Temple. This celebration is dedicated to God’s Sun. The festival is held in January month. The festival is celebrated for three days. Modhera Sun Temple is an important religious site for Hindus. In the festival, Indian Classical dance is organized which is exclusive in nature in comparison to any other celebrations of India.

Kutch Mahotsava – The Kutch Mahotsava is one of the popular festivals of Ahmedabad. It is conducted by Gujarat Tourism Corporation. This famous festival takes place each and every year in the month of February and March. Lots of tourists come and enjoy an interesting visit to the Kutch region and celebrate Kutch Festival. The festival includes large fairs that offer the display of jewellery and regional and traditional handicraft products.

Holi – Holi is the chief of most festivals of Hindus. It is basically the festival of colours. It is celebrated with great joy, vigor ness, and amiability in Ahmedabad. According to mythology, people started celebrating Holi after the death of the demoness Holika who burnt into the fire. This festival is celebrated in Phalguna month (March). In the Holi festival, people enjoy playing with varieties of colours and water and celebrate it with pleasure. People use to perform the Holika Dahan and Puja at night as per Hindu customs.

Rath Yatra – In the month of June / July, a massive procession is taken out from the Jagannath temple in Ahmedabad. Amidst the chanting of the sacred and Vedic hymns, the chariot is taken out carrying idols Krishna, Balram, and Subhadra. It is very similar to Jagannath Puri’s Yath Yatra. The procession starts in the morning from the Jagdish Mandir situated in the Jamalpur area of the city. The chariots of Krishna, Balram, and Subhadra, adorned with garlands, are taken around the city amidst much pomp and show.

Janmashtami – The birthday of Shri Krishna, is celebrated with great splendour in Dwaraka. The main deity of Dwaraka is Shri Krishna. During the festival, pilgrims visit the temple in Dwaraka from all parts of India and abroad. In this festival, the rows of lights are lit everywhere, kirtans and bhajans are sung, sermons are delivered and Krishna is worshipped in his infant form. After visiting the main temple, devotees visit the Shankhoddhar Beyt.

Raksha Bandhan – On the festival of Balev or Raksha Bandhan, the Brahmins change their sacred threads. On the same day, the sisters tie Rakhi to their brother’s wrist wishing them a happy life. The day is also celebrated as Nariyeli Poonam in the coastal areas of the State, where people worship the sea offering coconuts.

Tarnetareshwer Mahadev Fair – The Tarnetar fair is held every year on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of the Shukla Paksha (Aug-Sept) at the Trinetreshwar Temple of Lord Shiva (Three-eyed god) near Surendranagar. In this unique festival, the practice of Swayamvar still persists. Ahmedabad peoples assume that if the girl stops to talk to one of the men, it is a sign that she has found the man of her choice. This festival is one of the most colourful and vivid carnivals in Ahmedabad. The Trinetreshwer Mahadev Fair in Ahmedabad is a very popular fair. It is believed that the fair at this place had been held from the ancient time period. The historic fair is supposed to be related to the story of Draupadi`s swayamvar where Arjuna achieved the hard task and won the challenging competition.

Ramadan – the traditional month of abstinence and fasting is a significant part of the religious calendar for Ahmedabad’s Muslim population which equates to about one in 10 people here. Ramadan means regular visits to the mosque and fasting during the day, but little in the way of tangible celebration that is noticeable to outside visitors.

Ravechi Fair – The State of Gujarat is also known for its well-renowned Ravechi Fair. The people of Ahmedabad celebrate this festival with high zeal and fervour. Tourists experience rich traditional values and the true essence of Indian culture at the fair. This festival is celebrated in the month of September. The fair of Ravechi is dedicated to the Ravechi Mata and is celebrated in the Ravechi Mata temple.

Navratri – Navratri or the festival of nine nights is devoted to Goddess Shakti. The festival also has the famous folk dance of Gujarat “Garba”. The festival continues for nine nights, and everybody takes part in it with the same emphasis. Garba is also played with ‘Dandiyas’ (sticks) in hand.

Eid – marking the end of the holiday month of Ramadan, Eid is a popular Islamic holiday in Ahmedabad that sees Muslims dress in their finest clothes before prayers at any one of the mosques in the city. Traditionally, families greet each other and enjoy a large meal which includes toasted vermicelli noodles.

Bhavnath Fai – Bhavnath fair is a very popular and religious Gujarati festival and is celebrated with high dedication and enthusiasm all over the Ahmedabad capital. This famous fair is organized during the festival season of Maha Shivratri. The fair is arranged for three days in February month. Large numbers of sages, hermits, and devotees come to attend the fair and festival.

Deepavali – According to Indian mythology, people started celebrating the Diwali festival when Lord Ram killed king Ravana and returned back to his kingdom with Devi Sita after 14 years of banishment. this major Hindu festival usually takes place in late October/early November. Also known as the ‘festival of light’, Diwali lasts five days and is held in celebration of the victory of good over evil, an event marked with abundant lights and candles throughout Ahmedabad.

Nazariya Films for Peace Festival – this pioneering annual film festival focuses on human rights and alternative cinema, encouraging entrants to submit short films and documentaries for consideration which are then shown in the city.

Christmas – less than one per cent of Ahmedabad’s population is Christian but that still translates to nearly 40,000 people who eagerly celebrate the most important holiday of the year according to their faith. Expect carol services, singing and the exchange of gifts on Christmas Day

Urs – The Urs at Shah Alam Roza in Ahmedabad and at Miran Datar in the Mehsana district are the most important fairs for Muslims.

There are many more festivals that Ahmedabad hosts, so book your flight to Ahmedabad and see for yourself the true spirit of Ahmedabad.

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