Lucknow is known by so many names like The City of Nawabs, the Golden City of the     East,    Shiraz-i-Hind, and also The Constantinople of India and all the names are quite self-explanatory. Lucknow is one of the historic places in India. It is one of the cities of India that can boast of its rich cultural heritage. As such Lucknow makes for one of the best tourist destinations of India

In current times Lucknow is also fast growing in all the aspects of life from education, banking, retailing, to IT, construction, and other services. It is as such the best time for businessmen to make use of the expanding infrastructure and facilities. Lucknow is well connected by air with only a few major cities of India.

You will get direct cheap Flights to Lucknow from New Delhi, Patna, Mumbai, and Kolkata. The Amausi Airport is the international airport of Lucknow. There are also many tourist locations worth paying a visit.

Amindabad is a large shopping center situated in the heart of the city. It caters to a wide range of customers. Considering everything Lucknow emerges as an ideal place for holidaying. If you want to go on a vacation to such a place which is going to be a fine mix of tradition and modernity then Lucknow is sure going to be the best place for you. So book your air tickets to Lucknow now.

Regular cheap flights to Lucknow are also quite easily available all year long from various locations. With airlines like British Airways, Virgin Airlines, and Air India offering frequent cheap tickets to Lucknow, there is no dearth of flights in the city. With increasing options available for cheap air travel, flight tickets to Lucknow have now not only become affordable but also a preferred choice for all.

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