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Lufthansa Airlines | Complete Travel Blog, Everything you need to know

Shavi | 26th Dec 2022

Lufthansa’s extensive network is difficult to ignore, with flights to 197 cities in 78 countries. Bagging as many as three awards at the 2017 World Travel Awards, German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG has proved once again why it is one of the best in the world. Evidently known as Lufthansa Airline, the honours it took home included Europe’s Leading Airport Lounge, Europe’s Leading Airline—First Class, and Europe’s Leading Airline—Economy Class. Despite this, Lufthansa is also a founding member of the renowned and largest global airline alliance, Star Alliance.

But how did Lufthansa grow so rapidly? However, how did Lufthansa get to where it is today? So, what are their classes? Nevertheless, is Lufthansa a good airline? Further, is the staff nice?

Of course, we will be answering all those questions in this blog today! Firstly, let us scroll down to see Lufthansa’s history!

Lufthansa History

Lufthansa Convair CV-440 “Metropolitan,”, 1957

Previously, the Luftwaffe was established on January 6, 1953, two years after the Allies dissolved the first Lufthansa (founded in 1926) in 1951.

On August 6, 1954, Luftag bought the name, the trademark (the crane), and the colors (blue and yellow) from the first Lufthansa, which was in liquidation at the time, and has since then called itself Deutsche Lufthansa Stock Company.

However, multiple tasks had to be accomplished by the new airline before it could begin flight traffic. So, finding and purchasing suitable planes, training airline pilots and engineers, and training air stewards are all priorities. Also, supervisory and base conditions for the technical maintenance of airplanes had to be set.

Nevertheless, the ambitious project succeeded: on April 1, 1955, two Convair planes took off from Hamburg and Munich to commence scheduled air services.

Parallel to the development of a European route network, flights to destinations in America, Africa, and the Far East were also added shortly after. Since 1958, the red rose has stood for the fulfillment of the highest comfort requirements in First Class on intercontinental routes.

At this time, Lufthansa had entered the age of the jet plane with the purchase of the first Boeing B707 in 1960. Simultaneously, the company transferred its long-distance operations from Hamburg to Frankfurt am Main and continued to expand its cargo business.

Lufthansa Future

Significantly, the Lufthansa Group is a flight group with operations worldwide. In other words, it’s composed of chunks of Network Airlines, Eurowings, and Aviation Services. Aviation Services comprises the segments of logistics, MRO, catering, and additional businesses and group functions. The latter also includes Lufthansa AirPlus, Lufthansa Aviation Training, and IT companies. Indeed, all segments, as well as a leading European airline group, are market leaders in their respective markets. Whereas, the Lufthansa Group aims to take on a key role in shaping the global aviation market and to remain the first choice for shareholders, customers, and employees in the future.

Lufthansa Wealth 

To sum up, the “Net Worth 2010–2022 | DLAKY” of Lufthansa’s net worth is estimated to be $5.11 billion. Likewise, it was recorded on December 16, 2022.

Now that we know Lufthansa’s history, economy, and a little bit of the future, without a doubt, we need to know about Lufthansa’s classes. At this time in the economy, there are a few different types of tickets, which are called economy light, economy basic, economy basic plus, and economy flex. And last but not least, the premium economy, business class, and first class

So you want to know about Lufthansa classes? Above all, keep scrolling down to find out more about the classes’ perks, benefits, and features!

Lufthansa Economy Class

Firstly, in Lufthansa economy class, there are four different types of tickets to choose from.

Economy Light

In fact, it’s best suited for travelers who need only a carry-on bag and personal items. Certainly, Lufthansa’s cheapest and most restrictive fare type Other than cost, the primary difference between Lufthansa’s EL and Economy Basic fares is that EL doesn’t include a checked bag allowance.

Like Lufthansa’s other international economy fares, it includes in-flight entertainment, meals, and beverages. Still, you can’t change or rebook fares, and they’re non-refundable.

Economy Basic

Lufthansa’s Economy Basic fare type includes meals, beverages, and entertainment. Nevertheless, the main differences between EB and EL on Lufthansa international flights are that Economy Basic includes a checked bag. Also, it allows flight changes for a fee that includes meals, beverages, and entertainment. Nevertheless, the main differences between EB and EL on Lufthansa international flights are that Economy Basic includes a checked bag. Also, it allows flight changes for a fee. But fares are non-refundable.

Economy Basic Plus

Like Economy Basic, Lufthansa’s Basic Plus includes meals, beverages, and entertainment and allows flight changes for a fee. However, the biggest difference between Basic Plus and regular fares is that you can get a refund on Basic Plus fares (after paying a $300 fee). EBP fares include a personal item, a carry-on, and one checked bag.

Economy Flex

Above all, Economy Flex is Lufthansa’s least limited economy fare. Additionally, rebookings and refunds are free with Flex fares, unlike Basic Plus fares, which include a $300 fee to change or cancel the flights. Lufthansa EF also includes meals, beverages, and entertainment. The baggage allowance also includes a personal item, a carry-on bag, and one checked bag.

Is economy class on Lufthansa any good?

Subsequently, Lufthansa’s onboard experience in economy class is consistently good, with food quality and cabin cleanliness rated as excellent. However, the airline’s strength is consistently great customer service. Especially high marks are given to the Lufthansa staff’s speed of service, attention to safety, and overall hospitality.

Although there aren’t many negative things to say about Lufthansa’s economy cabin service, recent complaints mention cold pre-arrival meals and occasionally unfriendly and inattentive staff.

even though Lufthansa is one of Europe’s better airlines. In brief, surprisingly good fares are available for departures from the US.

Lufthansa Premium Economy Class

Premium economy fits between coach and business class, both price-wise and in terms of placement on the aircraft. A seat in premium economy, located directly between the main and business class cabins, is measurably more expensive than an economy ticket, often double the price. But according to Skyscanner, it’s still 65% less expensive than business class. Skyscanner also reports that premium economy offers, on average, five to seven inches more legroom than economy, typically with “wider seats and more space to recline.”

It isn’t just the seats and overall space that are more, well, premium than those on an economy ticket. It’s the amenities, too—premium economy provides different meal offerings than the main class cabin, amenity kits, and priority boarding. Those flying in the premium economy often won’t have to pay fees for their checked baggage, and they accrue airline miles at a different rate than on a coach ticket.

On the other hand, American Airlines offers premium economy, as do Air Canada and Singapore Airlines, among others. Other airlines offer their take on the premium economy, offering similar levels of amenities but with a different name. Delta’s premium economy class, for example, is called Premium Select (available only on select international flights). Additionally, United’s is called Premium Plus, Virgin Atlantic has Premium, and British Airways has World Traveller Plus.

Lufthansa Business Class

In Lufthansa’s Business Class lounge at Heathrow’s Terminal 2, seats were plentiful and the atmosphere was very calming; it gave us a chance to unwind and relax with a delicious tea or coffee before our early morning flight!

In Frankfurt, again, the lounge was spacious, so there was plenty of room to spread out. But it boasts a business center with computers and charging stations, several areas with comfy chairs and TVs, and a dining room with tables and chairs. Best of all, there’s also a central bar with pretty much every alcoholic beverage you could wish for, as well as an array of food choices. Furthermore, our favorite dish was the curry, not to mention all the tasty baked goods.

Firstly, the Business Class seats are extremely comfortable and organized in a 2-2-2 configuration. Moreover, the seats are arranged in a V formation. It is angled in pairs with footstools next to each other (separated by a partition), but with shoulders much farther apart. Depending on the plane you’re on, you may also have an upper deck with a 2-2 configuration, where you’ll have even more privacy, storage, and exclusivity.

Without a doubt, the service onboard really stood out for lots of people. In business class, they had an appointed flight attendant, ensuring that every need was fulfilled with a personal touch. Despite that, in terms of entertainment, the 15-inch touchscreen feels enormous. as well as a controlled remote. Nevertheless, you can even angle the screen towards you for optimal viewing! In addition, with over 180 films and 270 TV shows, there’s plenty to keep you entertained—even on long-haul flights!

Significantly, what most people loved about Lufthansa’s culinary experiences in Business Class is that the menus change every two months and are recommended by leading chefs (using seasonal and regional produce). To sum up, they’re also served on high-quality tableware, which is a lovely touch. It mentions that having your own flight attendant does give that personal touch and allows them to respond to your food and drink requirements even more effectively (they even remembered my wine preference!).

Lufthansa First Class

At this time, the first-class experience varies a little from plane to plane and from airport to airport.

For example, your first-class seat on a Lufthansa 747 from the West Coast to Frankfurt, Germany, comes with a personal, lockable wardrobe at the front of the plane for your extra carry-on items. Nevertheless, if you’re on Lufthansa’s Airbus A380, you’ll have access to a luxurious first-class restroom with a changing and washing area separate from the toilet area.

But regardless of which type of plane you’re on, you’ll enjoy luxuries and comforts that make your flight a pleasure.


Overall, read any Lufthansa First Class review. Without a doubt, you’ll see that the seats are a big part of the Lufthansa first-class experience. Not only is the seating comfortable, but it also stretches over 80 inches long and 30 inches wide in your open suite. In addition to this, the headrest, seat back, and sofa bed are all fully adjustable. Furthermore, the carefully designed lighting includes a reading lamp, a mood-setting night light, and electronically adjustable window blinds.


To sum up, first-class passengers get three checked bags and two carry-ons included with their ticket.


Lufthansa has first-class lounges and facilities at many airports. For example, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Vienna, New York-JFK, and Tokyo-Narita For example, the Frankfurt and Munich airports Yet, the lounge experience is simply over the top. In Munich, there are perks like relaxation rooms with daybeds, showers, and a hot tub. In other words, Frankfurt has a whole terminal just for first-class passengers.

Personal Airport Assistant

If you’re flying first class out of Frankfurt Airport, you can drive right up to the airport entrance and find a personal assistant waiting to escort you through check-in and security while a valet takes care of your car. Furthermore, other airports served by Lufthansa also have personal assistants to smooth the journey to the gate.


Like most major airlines, Lufthansa offers first-class passengers a high-end culinary experience with sommelier-selected wines. On the other hand, Lufthansa offers two extras hard to find elsewhere. Subsequently, the signature caviar service and the ability to choose when you want your meal served

The Cost

Of course, a typical Lufthansa first-class ticket would cost multiple thousands of dollars. For example, a first-class flight from New York-JFK to London Heathrow booked four weeks ahead of travel totaled $13,034.87.

Is Lufthansa a Reliable Airlines?

We all want to know if an airline is safe, trustworthy, and generally a good one to fly with. Above all, we have made three points to determine whether you want to fly with Lufthansa or not.


Firstly, the Lufthansa Group’s success depends primarily on safety (more on that below) and the reliability of its flight operations. Secondly, if there’s one thing Germany’s flag carrier is good at, it’s getting its passengers on time to their destinations, as the carrier ranks in the top 10 of the most punctual airlines in the world (with 83.21% of its flights arriving on time). Additionally, Lufthansa uses artificial intelligence to merge data from various processes that are relevant for stable operations. For example, an aircraft replacement and maintenance as well as crew scheduling Also, if a delay or cancellation occurs, the carrier does keep its passengers regularly updated. In addition, ground staff and pilots make up-to-date announcements.


It’s not something most avid travelers think about, but knowing you’re in reliable hands when flying from one side of the world to the other is always a plus. Nevertheless, it’s worth noticing that Lufthansa regularly appears on lists of the world’s safest airlines. Moreover, it has not suffered any fatal accidents since 1993. That is a reassuring thought for a nervous flyer like myself. Furthermore, Lufthansa employs some of the most experienced crews in the air and on the ground. More than 10,000 pilots work in the cockpits of the Lufthansa Group airlines, with over 4,000 of them flying for Lufthansa. On the other hand, six percent of the Lufthansa Group cockpit personnel are female. Without a doubt, pilots have an average of 15 years’ experience.


While the First Class cabin design on Lufthansa’s aircraft is not the most impressive in the skies, other aspects are, such as the seat itself, which is extremely comfortable in all positions and features generous dimensions. as well as a width of 31 inches (78 cm) and a pitch of 90 inches (230 cm). In fact, it ranks among the widest seats in the airline industry. Indeed, the flight attendants turn the seat into a fully flat bed with a length of 81 inches (205 cm). Additionally, the bed is dressed with a comfortable mattress topper, a temperature-regulating duvet, Fleuresse cotton sheets, a throw, and a thick pillow. Overall, Lufthansa’s First Class bed (ding) is superb.

Thank you for reading our Lufthansa Travel Blog. For more tips, hacks, airline information, and facts, go to our Travel Blog!

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