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Ahmedabad | Top Adventure Activities for the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

Shavi | 14th Jun 2020

Adventure sports lovers have that tight nerve to play any kind of sport. But there are a couple of adventure sports that can be enjoyed by all. Surely, there are those dangerous games as well. All these sorts of Adventure sports in Ahmedabad are extremely popular.

The city has mainly two hubs that serve the interest of the enthusiasts. Ahmedabad adventure sports have myriad avenues. If you really love adventure sports, Ahmedabad is sure to satisfy you so book your flights to Ahmedabad and start your adventure.

Book your cheap tickets to Ahmedabad and if you love the outdoors world and want to get a healthy dose of exercise, check out these high-action options in Ahmedabad.

Anala Outdoors

A short drive from Ahmedabad city central, Anala Outdoors is a preference for many for two reasons. Firstly, it gifts the serenity and wholesomeness of the countryside. Those who are tired of the razzmatazz of the city can get ultimate solace over here. Secondly, the place is a major nucleus of adventure sports in Ahmedabad. They offer nature camps, family camps, adventure camps, jeep safari, eco-tours and endless. All these programs will take you to the lap of Mother Nature.

Saahas Adventure

Saahas Adventure is an academy for brave hearts. Adventure sports in Ahmedabad achieved a totality when this academy was opened. Their list of offerings is never-ending. They offer everything from mountain expeditions to jeep safaris. If you have an Edmund Hillary inside you, take part in their mountain expedition and trekking program. If you just want to languidly spend your time, participate in bird watching. Bask in the sun and see the colourful birds. The place is their natural habitat. Go on a jeep safari to know the jungle deeply.

Gujarat Paragliding & Adventure Club

Gujarat Paragliding & Adventure Club is located at Polytechnic in Ahmedabad and it is one of the best Community Centres in Polytechnic with good customer service.

So book your cheap flights to Ahmedabad and have fun trying adventure sports in Ahmedabad.

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