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The 7 Best Places to Hike and Trek in the World!

Shavi | 20th Sep 2022

There are a lot of incredible places to go on a hike and trek! So, we would not say there is just one ideal location. However, some places lend themselves more admirably to walking exploration than others, which are better or more enjoyable to explore by boat, bicycle, or car.

Certain qualities make a place a great trekking destination. While many other different types of terrain are home to well-travelled hiking trails, some of which offer access to historical treasures. The highest mountains in the world are passed by ancient walking paths that connect villages in the Himalayas.

You can go on treks in other parts of the world that will take you to historic sites, deep canyons, windswept coasts, or dizzying heights. Or hike in the breathtaking views, the crisp fresh air, the solitude, and the stillness of the landscape!

Take a look at our ranking of the 7 best places to hike and trek in the world! This hike and trek blog could help you plan your next grand adventure. 

The Best Places to Hike and Trek in the World

The Great Trail, Canada

The great trail canada

The longest hiking trail in the world! It was previously known as “The Great Trail.” But after 25 years of planning, the Trans Canada Trail was finally renamed in September 2016. With a length of over 24,000 km (15,000 mi), the trail is currently the longest network of recreational, multi-use trails in the world. You can go by walking, hiking, running, cycling, skiing, and paddling.

Due to its size, Canada has a very diverse climate from the east to the west. Even though many people favour the summer because they think it’s too cold for the rest of the year. The best time of year to visit Canada is between September and November for a variety of reasons.

The Trans Canada Trail is completely free and open to the public. It is accessible to everyone, including travellers. Don’t worry, nobody is expecting you to hike the entire distance! The Trans Canada Trail’s objective is to foster deeper connections locally rather than to persuade people to take on some sort of extreme sporting challenge to cross the nation. You’re probably never that far from a trail section no matter where you’re vacationing in Canada, and even an hour or two of hiking or cycling is a wonderful way to appreciate the trail’s beauty. The Great Trail is challenging. Since then, very few have succeeded in finishing it!

Indus Valley Trek, Himalaya, India

Indus Valley Trek, India

One of India’s most well-known hiking trails is the Indus Valley Trek. The entire hike and trek route follows the Old Caravan route and the River Indus through terrain that is slightly undulating. With some of the most significant mountain passes, the entire stretch is between 3000 and 3750 metres above sea level.

This trek’s length can vary because there are different options for routes. You should anticipate walking 68 kilometres on average. The Indus Valley includes the regions of Leh, and Skardu, and vast glacial icefields that extend into China. It’s situated in the Himalayan Ladakh region, close to the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China. The Indus River flows through this valley. The Indus Valley Trek is more of a stroll that offers people a taste of the Himalayas without the difficult challenges. For example, in the Ladakh region, such as the Markha Valley trek.

There are a few possible hike and trek routes in the Indus Valley, but they are all surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery, verdant valleys, and alpine desert landscapes. June through the middle of October are the ideal months to visit the Indus Valley Trek. Ladakh is currently experiencing pleasant weather, with daytime highs typically between 20 and 30 °C. Because the Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh highways are open for private vehicles during these months, July and August are excellent times to visit Ladakh. The Indus Valley is 3 out of 5 in difficulty. Therefore, it’s neither too difficult nor too easy.

Milford Track, New Zealand

Milford Track, New Zealand

Since the huts along the Milford Track must be reserved months in advance during the peak season from the end of October to April, it is very difficult to find a spot available when travelling on a strict schedule. We also won’t even mention that hiking the Milford Track will cost you several hundred dollars, and even more than a thousand dollars when travelling as a couple or a family, which is a price not everyone can afford. 

The Milford Track is still an expensive activity, even if you visit New Zealand out of season like we did, even though the cost of lodging is much lower.

On the other hand, weather patterns can be, to put it mildly, unpredictable. The well-known Great Walk traverses glacial valleys, ascends to the Mackinnon Pass, circles one of New Zealand’s tallest waterfalls, and passes through a rainforest. It takes 53.5 kilometres to complete the Milford Track. 

The six months of high season at Milford Track are frequently sold out in a matter of weeks. But in case you were unable to make a reservation, keep checking the system as cancellations do occur. In New Zealand, there are two distinct seasons for hiking, and on some of these treks, such as the Milford Track, there are additional requirements and ways to reserve accommodations. The busiest dates in December and January typically sell out first.

October 29-April 30 | This is New Zealand’s peak hiking season, so getting a reservation will require you to compete with thousands of tourists from around the globe. 

May 1–October 28 | Although prices are lower during the off-season, the weather is also worse. Reservations for huts during this time are not accepted. When there are more people than beds, sleeping arrangements are made on a first-come, first-served basis, which means that someone must sleep on the floor.

As long distances are hiked each day, the Milford Track is a moderately challenging hike. This hike is for a reasonable level of fitness. 

Bibbulmun Track, Australia

Bibbulmun Track, Australia

The Bibbulmun Track is Western Australia’s longest walking trail. It spans just over 1000 kilometres from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to Albany. It is second only to South Australia’s Heysen Trail in terms of length among walking-oriented trails in Australia. That is, only 5330 km of the impressively long Bicentennial National Trail are not intended for walkers. It rewards walkers with access to many natural attractions that can only be reached on foot by passing through some of the best scenery in the South West and close to Perth along its route. The Darling Scarp’s diminutive mountains and hills are followed by the Karri Forests of Pemberton, the low-lying Pingerup Plains, the enormous Tingle Forests, and some of Australia’s best coastal walking.

The trail has a well-known reputation abroad; National Geographic named it one of the world’s best epic trails, and the Bibbulmun log books at each hut show that hikers from all over the world have travelled there to complete the trail. Autumn (April to May), winter (June to August), and spring (September to mid-November)! This is usually the time of year when the wildflowers bloom! and the best season for getting out on the track. Walking in the heat in summertime should be limited to the Karri forest on cooler days. However, this is not recommended. Although the distance of the track has been questioned, it has been considered average in difficulty. 

Snowman Trek (Lunana Snowman) in Bhutan

This tiny Himalayan kingdom, also known as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, is one of the most remote nations on earth. It is squeezed between the peoples of China and India and is located in the Eastern Himalayas. And also goes to the remote Lunana district!

It is 5,230 m (17,160 ft) high! Any trip to this stunning and largely unspoiled location will combine breathtaking mountain scenery, historical monasteries, a wealth of flora and fauna, and a vibrant Buddhist culture. Each region of Bhutan has its own distinct historical, geographic, cultural, and religious significance. The Snowman Trek is the most difficult in Bhutan. 

Due to the combination of distance, high altitudes, weather, and remoteness. It is a very difficult trek that should only be taken into consideration if you have experience and a high level of fitness. Keep in mind that this is one of the more difficult trails and that if you take it, you might encounter challenging weather, duration, and altitude.

Due to snow, the Snowman Trek may be cancelled, and it is nearly impossible to complete it in the winter. The Snowman Trek may be closed due to snow and is essentially impassable in the winter. March through May and September through November are ideal trekking months for this route. 

Adam’s Peak Trek (Sri Pada) in Sri Lanka

The majority of visitors who arrive as backpackers consider Adam’s Peak to be one of Sri Lanka’s top attractions and a must-see. It takes about 5,500 steps to reach the top, and most people choose to hike and trek there at night to catch the sunrise. Ascend this stunning mountain, which rises to a height of 2243 metres, with the help of the many pilgrims. Since Adam’s Peak is the highest point nearby, you can see everything from the summit in all directions.

Since Dalhousie (Hatton Road) is the main entry point to Adams Peak, this is where most hikers begin their journey. Expect little from the town. There are only a few small shops where you can buy necessities, a few restaurants, and a few local guesthouses in this area. The town is not noteworthy and serves only as a starting point for the ascents of Adam’s Peak.

The best weather generally occurs from the end of December until the middle or end of May. Since this is also when most pilgrims travel, there will be a lot of people climbing Adam’s Peak during these months. Avoid weekends and holidays as much as you can. There are two main reasons why people go out at night. You can watch the sunrise from the top, which is absolutely magical, and it’s cool, making it less exhausting.

You should get to the top early to secure a good spot because the hike from Dalhousie takes two to three hours. Adam’s Peak was not a particularly challenging climb. It is definitely possible to climb this mountain if you are in average shape. Although there are a lot of stairs and a greater than 1000-metre ascent. The stairs are generally in good condition.

GR20, Corsica Island, France

One of the most well-known multi-day treks in Europe and one of the toughest treks, the GR20 is well-known for being difficult.

It runs from north to south across the surface of the Mediterranean island of Corsica. The path travels 180 kilometres (112 miles) along the rocky spine of the island’s central mountain range. The northern portion of the trail is mostly rocky and has steep ascents and descents, but the reward is the breathtaking scenery.

Seeing glimpses of the dramatic coastline through the towering spires as you look down over the turquoise lakes and granite moonscapes is just priceless! There are many stunning, colourful forests in the southern region. It typically takes hikers 15 days to complete the journey. A small village and a potential exit for a train station are located in the middle of the trail. In which it is divided into two sections: a northern and a southern section.

Early June through mid-to-late October is the recommended window for tackling the GR20. The majority of refugee centres and restocking points will be open through September. Wait for the refugees to open and the majority of the trail’s main sections to be snow-free. Naturally, unless you have prior mountaineering experience and intend to hike the trail with the necessary gear and experience, this is the case. Depending on the time of year you visit in the summer, you might need to bring crampons. 

Tips When Going on a Hike and Trek

Don’t let the fact that you have never hiked or trekked discourage you. The fact that you don’t need any experience or expensive equipment to start hiking and trekking is one of its best features. All you need is a little bit of time, an adventurous spirit, and some advance planning. In light of this, going for a hike outside in the fresh air might be just what you need to cheer yourself up when you start to get bored.

Ready to Start Your Adventure? Here are 3 Hiking pointers to assist:

Know your route. Choosing your trail is the first step to having a fantastic hiking trip. There’s a good chance that you can find a trail nearby that’s perfect for a day hike! 

Choose the right shoes. Shoes can make the difference between a pleasant hike and hours of discomfort. A pair of running shoes should be sufficient for relatively flat and simple trails.  However, you’ll value the ankle support provided by a high-top hiking boot if you’re navigating rocky and uneven terrain. (If you’re trekking, this one is also good.)

Be prepared. Nature is subject to change, just like the weather. So it’s good to be prepared even if you only have plans for a quick day hike. Bring along some necessities like a small first aid kit, water, snacks, matches, a flashlight, and a pocket knife. Ideally, you won’t require a pocket knife. However, you will be glad you had them if something occurs. 

Let’s go Trekking Now that You are familiar with the 3 Hiking tips! Here are 3 Hiking Tips to Help:

Use walking poles. The use of walking poles greatly improves your journey. They are telescopic and lightweight, reducing the strain on your knees and thighs during descents and providing you with “two extra legs” during arduous ascents. Definitely worth a shot.

Build your walking training. Your legs will be built around walking, and it’s crucial to gradually increase your distances to those you’ll be covering on your trek. Additionally, this is the same as leg strength. Leg strength will be essential for your trek, so in addition to walking, which will strengthen your legs, try to incorporate either gym exercises like leg presses and weighted squats, or lunges and bodyweight squats.

Train on similar walking terrain. While practising your walking is important, you should also make an effort to as closely as possible replicate the conditions you will encounter. Attempt to practice on terrain that is similar to the one you will be trekking through.

These are the top 7 best places to hike and trek in the world! And don’t forget the tips too! Obviously, going on a hike and a trek is fun, but make sure when you hike and trek you have done lots and lots of research when going to your desired location. In case something happens!

But anyway, if you want to see more blogs by Oceans Travel, make sure to visit our Travel Blog!

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