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Kamla Nehru Zoo in Ahmedabad

Shavi | 17th Aug 2020

Kamla Nehru Zoo which is popularly known as Kankaria Zoo is located at Kankaria, Ahmedabad. The park spans an area of around four thousand square feet and is named after Kamla Nehru, the wife of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. However, the park is more popularly known as Chidiya Ghar.

Designed by the famous zoological expert Reuben David, this zoo has been the abode of different animals, reptiles, birds, and mammals belonging to different species. Established in 1951 in Ahmedabad close to Kankaria Lake, Kamla Nehru zoo is said to be one of the best zoos in India. Spread over an area of 31 acres and is known for bearing the famed albino animals.

This includes rare albino tigers. Besides the albino animals, the zoo serves as a natural habitat for a large number of rare species, birds, reptiles, and other mammals. If you are an animal lover then you must visit this attraction after you land on your cheap flights to Ahmedabad.

Kamla Nehru Zoological is beautifully located on the majestic banks of the tranquil Kankaria Lake. Visitors can also see endangered species like flamingos, Indian Wild Ass, Mouse Deer, Asiatic Lion, and Chinkara. The zoo also holds a museum where one can familiarize oneself with wildlife pictures and distended birds. Great Indian Bustards are the arresting variety in the museum. Visiting this park can be an enchanting experience. The well-known zoological expert Reuben David designed the Kamla Nehru Zoological Park.

Apart from housing the birds and beasts in the protective surrounding, the zoo authorities are also organizing programs like ‘Friends of Zoo’, which is aimed at encouraging corporate professionals and individuals to adopt animals to promote wildlife protection and disseminate information about wildlife among citizens. Visited by a large number of enthusiasts every year, this zoo renders a serene and tranquil atmosphere through its lush greenery and rich varieties. It has also been an ideal place for informal outings and picnics with friends and family members.

The Kamla Nehru Zoo is undoubtedly one of the most popular attractions in the Indian city of Ahmedabad and many visitors alone book flights to Ahmedabad to view such wonderful attractions. The zoo is situated amidst lush greenery giving one a sense of peace and the nearby lake only adds to the serenity.

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