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Trivandrum, also known as Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala. Trivandrum is fenced by the Arabian Sea towards the west and Tamil Nadu to the east. The Western Ghats are full of wooded highlands giving an enchanting appearance and making it one of the excellent picnic spots. Trivandrum has exotic and renowned beaches, a very long shoreline, backwater stretches, historic monuments, and a rich cultural heritage.

Trivandrum is a holy place with lots of temples with excellent architecture and is very prominent all over the world. The temples inflict Dravidian and South Indian architecture. Trivandrum is a notable place for maintaining its heritage, culture, and customs. During vacations in Trivandrum; one can visit the Museum with its profusion of gables and turrets. A repository of fine works of art, the chief attraction here is the 250-year-old temple car made for Lord Vishnu, artistically designed and ornamented. Besides this, objects carved out of wood, models of temples, antique jewellery, etc., make the museum worth a visit.

Then, of course, Trivandrum or Trivandrum travel is incomplete without a boat ride on the enchanting backwaters of Kerala. These waterways of Trivandrum teem with life. One can be seduced by the panorama of beautiful landscapes, beaches and waterways, coconut palms, and, of course, the beautiful, friendly people of Trivandrum.

Touring Kerala during festivals, especially Trivandrum can be quite a colourful experience. Onam is the main festival of Trivandrum, which is celebrated in the month of August or September. This is the harvest festival of Trivandrum and signifies the association of the people with agriculture. Christmas is the other festival of this part of the country and Trivandrum wears a colourful look during this time of the year.

Accommodation is not a problem for tourists travelling to Trivandrum or Trivandrum. As the city is always bustling with tourists, hotels in Trivandrum or Trivandrum catering to different income groups have opened up. Starting from luxurious hotels to reasonably cheap accommodations, all are available in the capital of Kerala. The city has a very good number of resorts specializing in nature therapy.

The climate is very pleasant in Trivandrum and as there are many places to visit, it serves as an ideal place for a holiday. With numerous attractions, mostly the time looks short. Every place in Trivandrum is worth visiting as each destination has its own speciality and is unique.

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