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Jaipur, referred to as the pink city, is the capital city of the state of Rajasthan, located in the western pocket of the republic of India. This vibrant city offers varied colours for its tourists. Be it the traditional skirts of the women or the colourful turban of the men there, every aspect of Jaipur is fascinating. Known for the numerous palaces and forts and temples, Jaipur is a favourite tourist destination. The city is very well connected with all the major cities of India, through train, road, and Flights to Jaipur and Flights from Jaipur.

Jaipur Airport is situated in the satellite town of Sanganer and so is more popularly known as the Sanganer airport. The airport offers connectivity with all the major cities of India and also with some foreign cities. This is the sole international airport in the state of Rajasthan. Situated 13 kilometers away from Jaipur, this airport became the 14th international airport in India.

After the Jaipur airport received the status of an international airport. His has boosted the tourism industry in Jaipur, thus leading to the introduction of more and cheaper flights to Jaipur and from Jaipur. With increased tourist visits to the city, the availability of cheap flights to India, Jaipur has become easier. Regular cheap flights to Jaipur are available all year long from various locations. With airlines like British Airways, Virgin Airlines, and Air India offering frequent cheap tickets to Jaipur, there is no dearth of flights in the city. With increasing options available for cheap air travel, flight tickets to Jaipur have now not only become affordable but also a preferred choice for all.

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With improved facilities of the airlines, air tickets to Jaipur, India, and the availability of last-minute Flights, Jaipur has also become easier than before. So, if you plan a trip to Jaipur enjoying the air ride and find the most beautiful fort and palaces.

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