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Top Suitcase Packing Tips In Just 15 Steps

James | 10th Jun 2024

Are you tired of struggling with your suitcase every time you travel? Are you fed up with packing your things into a suitcase only to discover it disorganised when you get there?
Let’s face it, packing can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. With the right packing tips, you can transform your travel prep into a breeze. 

Let’s dive into some suitcase packing tips that will save you time, space, and stress.

How to Pack a Suitcase

When tackling suitcase packing, it’s crucial to consider your suitcase’s dimensions and the strategic placement of your items. Here’s a quick guide to help you pack efficiently:

Packing can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. From creating a packing list to using the best packing hacks, these luggage packing tips will ensure you make the most of your suitcase space and keep your items organized.

Table of Contents

  1. Make a Packing List
  2. Choose the Right Suitcase
  3. Roll Your Clothes
  4. Use Packing Cubes
  5. Pack Multi-Purpose Clothing Items
  6. Stuff Shoes with Socks and Small Items
  7. Use Travel-Size Toiletries
  8. Buy Lightweight Luggage
  9. Pack Wrinkle-Resistant Clothing
  10. Use Compression Bags
  11. Distribute Weight Evenly
  12. Leave Room for Souvenirs
  13. Pack Essentials in Carry-On
  14. Use Packing Hacks
  15. Recheck Your Packing List

By following these travel packing tips, you’ll not only save space but also make your travel experience smoother and more enjoyable. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get packing and turn that suitcase chaos into a perfectly packed masterpiece!

1. Make a Packing List

Creating a packing list is one of the most essential packing tips you can follow to stay organized. Without a list, it’s easy to forget important items or overpack unnecessary ones.

By having everything written down, you ensure that you bring exactly what you need for your trip, making your suitcase packing tips journey stress-free.

Why Would You Need a Packing List?

A packing list keeps you organized and prevents last-minute panics. It ensures you have everything you need, avoiding those “Oh no, I forgot…” moments. Plus, it helps you pack efficiently, so you don’t overpack or underpack.

Tips for a Packing List:

  1. Start Early: Begin your list a week before your trip. This gives you time to add items as you remember them.
  2. Categories: Divide your list into categories like clothes, toiletries, electronics, and documents. This makes it easier to check off items and stay organized.
  3. Tailor to Your Trip: Consider the weather, activities, and length of your trip. Packing for a beach vacation is different from packing for a business trip. Adjust your list accordingly.
  4. Prioritize Essentials: List must-have items first. These could be medications, travel documents, and basic clothing. Once these are packed, you can add extra items!
  5. Use Apps: Many packing apps can help you create and manage your list. They often come with pre-made templates that you can customize.
  6. Check and Double-Check: Review your list before packing and again before you leave. This ensures you haven’t missed anything.

By following these packing tips, you can create a comprehensive packing list that makes packing a breeze. It’s all about preparation and organization, helping you enjoy a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

2. Choose the Right Suitcase

When it comes to travel packing tips, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is selecting the appropriate suitcase. We have made a few suggestions to help you choose the perfect size and style for your trip! You should consider factors like durability, weight, and functionality.

What to Consider When Selecting a Suitcase:

  1. Size Matters: Consider the length of your trip and the amount of stuff you need to pack. For shorter trips, a carry-on suitcase may suffice, while longer journeys may require a larger checked bag. Ensure your chosen size complies with airline regulations.
  2. Style Preferences: Suitcases come in various styles, including hardshell, softshell, and hybrid. Hardshell suitcases offer excellent protection for delicate items but may be heavier. Softshell suitcases are more flexible and lightweight, while hybrid options combine the best of both worlds.
  3. Durability: Look for suitcases made from sturdy materials like polycarbonate or ballistic nylon. These materials are durable and can withstand the rough handling and various weather conditions of travel, protecting your belongings from damage.
  4. Weight: Pay attention to the weight of the suitcase itself, especially if you’re flying. Airlines often have strict weight limits for checked and carry-on luggage, so opting for a lightweight suitcase can help you avoid excess baggage fees.
  5. Functionality: Consider features like wheels, handles, and compartments. Four-wheel spinner suitcases are easy to manoeuvre! Such as expandable compartments, built-in TSA locks, and ergonomic handles. Whilst telescopic handles make it comfortable to pull your luggage. Multiple compartments and pockets allow for better organization of your belongings.

By considering these luggage packing tips and factors, you can select a suitcase that meets your specific requirements and enhances your travel experience. Remember, the right suitcase can make all the difference in keeping your belongings safe and your journey hassle-free.

3. Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them might seem like a small change. However, it can make a big difference in maximizing space in your suitcase. 

Here’s why rolling your clothes can be better than folding them:

Step-by-Step Guide to Rolling Clothes:

  1. Lay the Item Flat: Begin by laying the clothing item flat on a clean surface.
  2. Fold in the Sleeves or Pant Legs: For items with sleeves or pant legs, fold them in to create a smooth surface.
  3. Fold in the Sides: Fold in the sides of the clothing item to create a more compact shape.
  4. Begin Rolling: Starting from one end, tightly roll the clothing item towards the other end.
  5. Secure the Roll: Once rolled, secure the roll with elastic bands or hair ties to keep it in place.
  6. Repeat for Other Items: Repeat the process for each clothing item, stacking the rolls neatly in your suitcase.

Tips for Rolling Different Types of Clothing:

Here are some tips for rolling various clothing items:

So, by incorporating these suitcase packing tips, you can efficiently pack your clothes while maximizing space and minimizing wrinkles.

4. Use Packing Cubes

Looking to level up your packing game? Say hello to packing cubes! These nifty little organizers are a game-changer when it comes to suitcase packing tips.

Let’s explore why packing cubes is a must-have for travellers and how you can make the most of them.

Advantages of Using Packing Cubes:

When it comes to packing tips, packing cubes are a game-changer. Here’s why:

Recommendations and Tips:

Ready to start using packing cubes? Here are some recommendations and tips to help you get started:

By incorporating packing cubes into your packing routine, you can say goodbye to chaotic suitcases and hello to organized bliss. So, why wait? Get yourself a set of packing cubes and revolutionize the way you pack for your travels! These suitcase packing tips will make your journey a breeze.

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5. Pack Multi-Purpose Clothing Items

When it comes to suitcase packing tips, versatility is key. Packing multi-purpose clothing items not only saves space but also ensures you’re prepared for any occasion or weather condition during your travels.

Let’s explore how to pack smart and stay stylish on the go.

Versatile Clothing Items:

Opting for multi-purpose clothing items is a game-changer for travellers:

Examples of Multi-Purpose Clothing:

Here are some examples of multi-purpose clothing items suitable for different weather conditions:

By packing multi-purpose clothing items, you can create a versatile wardrobe that meets your travel needs without overpacking. So, before you zip up your suitcase, think about how you can maximize the versatility of your clothing choices. These packing tips will help you pack smarter and lighter for your next adventure!

6. Stuffing Shoes with Socks and Small Items

When it comes to suitcase packing tips, every inch of space counts. One creative solution for maximizing space inside your shoes is to stuff them with socks and small items.

Let’s explore how to make the most of this often-overlooked space-saving hack.

Maximizing Space Inside Shoes:

Don’t let the space inside your shoes go to waste. Here’s how to utilize it effectively:

Tips for Packing Socks and Small Items:

Here are some tips to make the most of packing socks and small items inside your shoes:

By stuffing your shoes with socks and small items, you can make the most of every inch of space in your suitcase. So, next time you’re packing for a trip, don’t forget to utilize this simple yet effective space-saving hack. These packing tips will help you pack smarter and lighter for your travels!

7. Use Travel-Size Toiletries

When it comes to suitcase packing tips, downsizing your toiletries can make a big difference. Travel-size toiletries not only save space and weight but also ensure you stay within airline regulations.

Benefits of Travel-Size Toiletries:

Switching to travel-size toiletries offers several advantages for travellers:

Recommendations and Tips:

Here’s how to make the most of your toiletry space and weight allowance:

  1. Invest in Compact Containers: Look for compact toiletry containers that are leak-proof and TSA-approved. Opt for squeezable bottles or containers with secure lids to prevent any spills or leaks.
  2. Decant Your Favourites: Transfer your favourite toiletries into smaller containers to save space and weight. Consider investing in reusable silicone travel bottles that can be refilled with your preferred products.
  3. Pack Only What You Need: Be selective about the toiletries you bring and pack only the essentials. Consider using multi-purpose products, such as 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, to streamline your toiletry bag.
  4. Use Space-Saving Techniques: Maximize space in your toiletry bag by utilizing every inch. Roll up towels or clothing items and tuck them around your toiletry containers to prevent them from shifting during travel.
  5. Opt for Solid Alternatives: Solid toiletries, such as shampoo bars and solid toothpaste tablets, are compact, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Consider swapping out traditional liquid products for solid alternatives to save space and weight.

By following these travel packing tips, you can streamline your toiletry packing process and ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable journey. So, next time you’re preparing for a trip, downsize your toiletries and pack smarter for a stress-free travel experience!

8. Buy Lightweight Luggage

When it comes to suitcase packing tips, the weight of your luggage matters more than you think. Opting for lightweight luggage can make a world of difference in both ease of handling and packing efficiency.

Let’s delve into the advantages and tips for selecting the right lightweight luggage for your travels.

Advantages of Lightweight Luggage:

Switching to lightweight luggage offers numerous benefits for travellers:

Recommendations and Tips:

Consider the following factors when choosing the right lightweight luggage for your needs:

  1. Material Matters: Look for luggage made from lightweight yet durable materials such as polycarbonate or high-density nylon. These materials strike the perfect balance between weight and durability.
  2. Check the Weight: Pay attention to the weight of the luggage itself. Aim for lightweight options that won’t add unnecessary bulk to your overall load.
  3. Consider the Design: Opt for luggage with streamlined designs and minimal embellishments, as these tend to be lighter. Features like built-in TSA locks and spinner wheels can enhance convenience without adding significant weight.
  4. Size and Capacity: Choose luggage that meets your specific travel needs in terms of size and capacity. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional traveller, there’s a lightweight luggage option available to suit your requirements.
  5. Read Reviews: Before making a purchase, take the time to read reviews from other travellers to get insights into the durability, functionality, and overall performance of the luggage.

In conclusion, by investing in lightweight luggage, you can simplify your travel experience and enjoy greater comfort and convenience on the go. So, next time you’re in the market for new luggage, consider the advantages of going lightweight and select a suitcase that suits your travel style! These packing tips will help you make the right choice for your next adventure.

9. Pack Wrinkle-Resistant Clothing

When it comes to suitcase packing tips, choosing wrinkle-resistant clothing can save you time and hassle on your travels. Not only does it minimize the need for ironing, but it also ensures you look fresh and put-together throughout your journey.

Let’s explore how to select wrinkle-resistant clothing and pack them effectively to keep wrinkles at bay.

Advice on Choosing Wrinkle-Resistant Clothing:

When shopping for travel-friendly clothing, keep the following tips in mind:

Tips on Packing Wrinkle-Resistant Clothing:

Here’s how to pack your wrinkle-resistant clothing to keep them looking fresh and wrinkle-free:

  1. Fold Strategically: Instead of haphazardly folding your clothes, take the time to fold them neatly along the seams to minimize creases. For items like dress shirts or blouses, use tissue paper or plastic garment bags to further prevent wrinkles.
  2. Layer with Tissue Paper: Place a layer of tissue paper between clothing items to create a barrier and prevent friction, which can lead to wrinkles. This is particularly helpful for delicate fabrics like silk or chiffon.
  3. Roll Clothing: For bulkier items like sweaters or knitwear, consider rolling them instead of folding them to prevent creases. Rolling also helps save space in your suitcase and keeps clothes more compact.
  4. Hang Clothing Upon Arrival: Upon reaching your destination, hang your clothing items in the bathroom while you shower. The steam will help release any wrinkles that may have formed during travel.


Investing in wrinkle-resistant clothing and packing them strategically can save you valuable time and effort on your travels. So, next time you’re preparing for a trip, opt for travel-friendly fabrics and pack them with care to ensure you look your best wherever you go! These packing tips will help you stay wrinkle-free on your next adventure.

10. Use Compression Bags

Looking for suitcase packing tips that can help you make the most of your luggage space? Consider compression bags! These handy travel accessories can help you maximize your packing space and keep your belongings organized.

Let’s explore how to use compression bags effectively and recommend reliable brands to consider for your next trip.

Compression bags are a game-changer for travellers seeking to optimize their suitcase space:

How to Use Compression Bags:

Follow these steps to make the most of your compression bags:

  1. Pack Strategically: Place bulky items such as jackets, sweaters, or blankets inside the compression bag, ensuring they are evenly distributed to prevent lumps or uneven compression.
  2. Seal the Bag: Once your items are inside the compression bag, seal it tightly using the zip-lock mechanism or closure provided by the bag.
  3. Remove Air: Squeeze out excess air from the bag by pressing down on it or using a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. The vacuum will create suction, compressing the items inside the bag further.
  4. Secure Closure: Double-check the closure to ensure it is secure and airtight, preventing air from seeping back into the bag and causing the items to expand.

Recommended Compression Bag Brands:

Consider the following reputable brands known for their quality compression bags:

By incorporating compression bags into your packing routine and following these travel packing tips, you can make the most of your luggage space and ensure a stress-free travel experience. So, next time you’re preparing for a trip, consider adding compression bags to your packing arsenal and enjoy the benefits of organized and efficient packing.

11. Distribute Weight Evenly

When it comes to suitcase packing tips, one often overlooked aspect is the distribution of weight within the suitcase. Properly distributing weight not only ensures your suitcase is easier to manoeuvre but also helps maintain balance and stability throughout your journey.

Importance of Weight Distribution:

Here’s why evenly distributing weight in your suitcase is crucial:

Tips on Packing Heavy Items at the Bottom:

Follow these tips to pack your suitcase strategically and evenly distribute weight:

  1. Start with Heavy Items: Place heavier items, such as shoes, toiletry bags, and electronics, at the bottom of your suitcase. This helps anchor the weight and keeps the centre of gravity low.
  2. Use Suitcase Corners: Distribute heavier items evenly around the corners of your suitcase to prevent one side from becoming significantly heavier than the other.
  3. Layer Strategically: Layer lighter items, such as clothing and accessories, on top of the heavier items. This helps distribute weight more evenly and prevents items from shifting during travel.
  4. Utilize Packing Cubes: Packing cubes can help compartmentalize your belongings and distribute weight evenly throughout your suitcase. Place heavier items in one cube and lighter items in another to maintain balance.
  5. Check Weight Distribution: Before zipping up your suitcase, check the weight distribution by lifting and tilting it slightly. Adjust the contents as needed to ensure the weight is evenly distributed.

By following these travel packing tips and distributing weight evenly in your suitcase, you can enjoy a smoother and more comfortable journey. So, next time you’re packing for a trip, keep these tips in mind to ensure your suitcase is well-balanced and easy to handle!

12. Leave Room for Souvenirs

As you go on your holiday experience, remember one of the most overlooked suitcase packing tips: leave room for keepsakes and purchases. Nothing affects the excitement of seeing new places like trying to squeeze your favourite souvenirs into an already-packed suitcase. 

Here’s why it’s important to leave additional space, as well as how to assess and allot space for treasured items.

Reminding Travelers to Leave Extra Space:

Leaving room for souvenirs is a crucial aspect of suitcase packing tips:

Suggestions for Estimating and Allocating Space:

Here’s how to plan for souvenirs and allocate space in your suitcase:

  1. Assess Your Souvenir Style: Are you a collector of small keepsakes like keychains and postcards, or do you prefer larger items like artwork or clothing? Consider your souvenir preferences to gauge how much space you’ll need.
  2. Allocate Space in Advance: Set aside a designated area in your suitcase specifically for souvenirs. This could be a section of your suitcase or a separate compartment in your carry-on bag.
  3. Pack Lighter to Accommodate: To make room for souvenirs, pack lighter and more efficiently. Consider leaving non-essential items behind or opting for multi-purpose clothing and accessories to maximize space.
  4. Use Packing Cubes Strategically: Packing cubes can help you organize your belongings and create extra space for souvenirs. Pack essentials in one cube and leave the others empty or partially filled to accommodate souvenirs on the return journey.
  5. Consider Foldable or Collapsible Items: If you anticipate bringing back larger souvenirs, consider packing foldable or collapsible items that can be easily compressed or flattened to fit into your suitcase.

By keeping these travel packing tips in mind, you can ensure that you have plenty of room in your suitcase for those cherished souvenirs and treasures. So, as you embark on your next adventure, leave a little extra space in your luggage and get ready to bring home memories that will last a lifetime!

13. Pack Essentials in Carry-On

When it comes to suitcase packing tips, one of the golden rules is to always pack essential items in your carry-on bag. This ensures that you have access to important items throughout your journey, even if your checked luggage gets delayed or lost.

Packing essential items in your carry-on offers several advantages:

Checklist of Essential Items for Carry-On:

Ensure your carry-on bag includes the following essential items:

  1. Travel Documents: Passport, boarding passes, travel itinerary, and any necessary visas or permits.
  2. Medications: Prescription medications, along with a copy of your prescription, in case you need a refill during your travels.
  3. Valuables: Wallets, keys, jewellery, electronic devices (such as laptops, tablets, and cameras), and any irreplaceable items.
  4. Personal Care Items: Toiletries, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wipes, and hand sanitiser, to freshen up during the flight.
  5. Change of Clothes: A spare set of clothing, including underwear and socks, in case of spills or unexpected delays.
  6. Snacks: Non-perishable snacks and a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated and energized during the journey.
  7. Entertainment: Books, magazines, headphones, or any other forms of entertainment to keep you occupied during the flight.
  8. Travel Pillow and Blanket: For added comfort during long flights or layovers.

By following this travel packing tips checklist and packing essential items in your carry-on, you can ensure that you’re prepared for any situation that may arise during your journey. So, next time you’re packing for a trip, remember to prioritize your carry-on bag and pack it with all the essentials for a stress-free travel experience!

14. Use Packing Hacks

When it comes to mastering the art of suitcase packing tips, sometimes it’s the little tricks that make all the difference. From utilizing everyday items in creative ways to strategically organizing your belongings, packing hacks can help you maximize space and efficiency in your suitcase.

Share Creative Packing Hacks:

By incorporating these travel packing tips into your packing routine, you can streamline the process and make the most of your luggage space. So, the next time you’re preparing for a trip, remember to harness the power of packing hacks for a stress-free and efficient packing experience!

15. Recheck Your Packing List

Before you zip up your suitcase and head out the door, it’s crucial to double-check your packing list. This final step ensures you haven’t forgotten any essentials and helps you travel with peace of mind.

Double-Check Your Packing List

Taking a few extra minutes to review your packing list can save you from the hassle of leaving important items behind. Imagine getting to your destination and realizing you forgot your charger, medications, or a crucial document. A quick recheck can prevent these travel nightmares.

Final Checklist Before Departure

Here’s a final checklist to ensure you’ve packed everything you need:

Why This Matters

Rechecking your packing list with these packing tips ensures you’re fully prepared for your trip. It’s easy to overlook small items, especially when you’re excited or in a hurry. Double-checking your suitcase packing tips and list gives you that last chance to catch anything you might have missed.

So, before you close that suitcase, take a deep breath, grab your list, and make sure everything you need is packed and ready to go. 

This final step is your key to a smooth and stress-free journey, armed with the best luggage packing tips and travel packing tips in your toolkit!

If you’re struggling with what to pack, then we have got you covered! We have made a list of travel essentials that you can find on our Travel Blog, with other blogs similar to this!

Q&As for Any Packing Tips

Frequently Asked Questions about Suitcase Packing Tips | Blog - Oceans Travel

How do you avoid overpacking?

To avoid overpacking, start by making a detailed packing list and stick to it. Focus on versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched. Also, pack only what you need, not what you think you might need. These packing tips can help streamline your suitcase and prevent overpacking.

Is it better to roll or fold clothes when packing a suitcase? 

As we have mentioned previously, rolling clothes is generally better than folding. It saves space and reduces wrinkles. Use this suitcase packing tip to fit more items and keep them neat.

In what order should clothes be packed in a suitcase? 

Pack heavier items like shoes and toiletries at the bottom. Then, add rolled clothing on top. Finish with lighter items like underwear and accessories. This method ensures even weight distribution and protects delicate items.

How do I fit the most stuff in my suitcase? 

Use packing cubes, and compression bags, and roll your clothes to maximize space. Stuff small items inside shoes and use every inch of space efficiently. These luggage packing tips will help you fit more into your suitcase.

How do you pack weeks of clothes in a small suitcase? 

Choose multi-purpose clothing items and stick to a colour scheme to mix and match outfits. Use compression bags and rolling techniques. Pack only essential items and plan to do laundry during your trip. These travel packing tips will make it possible to pack for weeks in a small suitcase.

What is the 1 2 3 4 5 6 rule packing? 

The 1 2 3 4 5 6 rule is a guideline for packing light! 1 hat, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 pairs of pants or skirts, 4 shirts, 5 pairs of socks, and 6 sets of underwear. This rule ensures you have enough without overpacking.

What is the best packing technique? 

The best packing technique involves rolling clothes, using packing cubes, and strategically placing heavy items at the bottom. This approach maximizes space and keeps your suitcase organized.

How many days before should you start packing? 

Start packing at least three days before your trip. This gives you enough time to organize, check your list, and make any last-minute additions without stress.

What is the most efficient way to pack your suitcase? 

The most efficient way to pack your suitcase includes using packing cubes, rolling clothes, and placing heavier items at the bottom. These methods help maximize space and keep your belongings organized.

What is the golden rule of packing? 

The golden rule of packing is to pack light and only bring what you need. Stick to your packing list, choose versatile items, and avoid last-minute additions. This rule simplifies the packing process and ensures a stress-free travel experience.

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