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Explore the Lush Lawns in Ahmedabad

Shavi | 19th Aug 2020

Gardens in Ahmedabad are the green corners where the city can take a rest after a hard day’s labour. Ahmedabad has always been one of the cleanest cities in India and these gardens adjoin the fact that the commercial capital of Gujarat is one of the greenest cities as well. Ahmedabad is globally known as a green city thanks to the gardens of Ahmedabad.

Many types of flowers, birds, and insects coexist here peacefully. Perhaps, Gandhi’s city deserved so historically. The Ahmedabad gardens are the perfect ‘bliss of solitude’. Once you land in the city from your cheap flights to Ahmedabad, rejuvenate yourself and breathe to your fullest at these gardens in Ahmedabad where Mother Nature is most affectionate.

Bal Vatika

Bal Vatika is one of the most viridian gardens in Ahmedabad. The garden is situated on the banks of the famous Kankaria Lake. Full of greenery, the place will surely enthral you and revitalize you from the city life of Ahmedabad.

The Bal Vatika garden is well-maintained by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Regular maintenance work and beautification have put the garden in the row of the prime tourist spots of the city. The garden attracts many leisure and business travellers who book a flight to Ahmedabad.

Law Garden

Law Garden is a city garden located in the city centre of Ahmedabad. Despite its situation amidst the razzle-dazzle of the city core, the place is a green corridor of serenity. Aside from the garden, there is a marketplace as well where you can shop for handicrafts and traditional garments of Gujarat.

The Law Garden is named so because of the adjoining Law College, a famous Ahmedabad institution. The garden has gained popularity as one of the most wonderful gardens in Ahmedabad not alone because of its greenery. The music and theatre shows and children’s rides are a plus. With all these reasons combined, the garden is a must-visit garden in Ahmedabad.

Victoria Garden

Victoria Garden is yet another famous garden in Ahmedabad. It is close to the Bhadra Fort, one of the major places to visit in Ahmedabad. The garden is a green cut off the area on the map of Ahmedabad. A vast open space with trees and plants surrounding is the identity of the Ahmedabad garden.

You can take the aroma of the flowers, touch the little green plants and take a rest under the hardwoods. The statue of Queen Victoria is the prime attraction of the garden. Hang around the garden with your near and dear ones or enjoy your quarantine.

The beautiful setting of the gardens in the city lures hordes of tourists who book flights to Ahmedabad. Due to the consistent efforts of the government and development authorities, Ahmedabad has already been awarded internationally with a Green City Commendation Award. One can find an exquisite variety of flowers, plants, butterflies, and birds in these gardens which can make one have a bewitching experience.

Away from the maddening crowd and pollution of the city, these gardens can be a great place to sit and relax in a natural setting. The gardens at Ahmedabad will facilitate you with all kinds of relaxation as well as recreational options. Discover Ahmedabad and its beauty, charm, and history with Oceans Travel.

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