The Malabar coastal region and the third-largest city in Kerala, Kozhikode formerly called Calicut, is situated in the northern part of the state. Having great cultural traditions and jargon of its own, the city is a major trading center for spices and tiles and sometimes known as the ‘land of spices’.

The name Kozhikode is derived from the words Koyil (palace) and Kodu (fortified). The city found its place in world history when Portuguese navigator Vasco De Gama discovered this as a sea route to India in 1498. Kozhikode is known by various names; Arabs called it Kalikat and Chinese Kalifa. During the conquest of Malabar, Tippu Sulthan tried to change the name of the city to Ferozabad. The city is popular for its Kozhikodan Halwas, a sweet dish made by flour and jaggery, and the traditional Muslim food especially seafood cuisines made out of prawns, crabs, and lobster and shell creature known as kallummekkaya or kadukka. Today, ancient monuments, Serene Beaches, historic sites, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, hills, a unique culture, and a warm, friendly ambiance make Kozhikode a much sought after destination.

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