Amritsar literally meaning the ‘Pool of the Nectar of Immortality’ is one of the major cities of the Punjab state. The administrative headquarters of the Amritsar District, it is the major spiritual and cultural center of Sikhs.

The city, founded in 1574 by Guru Ram Das, the fourth Sikh Guru, is mostly inhabited by the Sikhs. Amritsar has grown from a sacred village pool into a spiritual center of Sikh culture. The original pool site by which the Golden Temple is built was granted by the Mughal Emperor Akbar. In 1761 Ahmad Shah Durrani sacked the town and destroyed the temple, which was rebuilt in 1764. One of the ancient and charming cities of India, Amritsar is an important distribution center of dry-fruits in the country. Apart from an important pilgrimage center, the city is also famous for producing some exquisite items like carpets, fabrics, handicrafts, etc.

The climate of Amritsar has an extreme type of climate with very hot summers and chilly winters. The region has four distinct seasons- the winter season (November to March), the summer season (April to June), monsoon season ( July to September), and post-monsoon season (September to November). Summers can be as hot as 46 degrees. During winters, the temperature may drop down to a minimum of – 3 degrees centigrade. The ideal time to visit Amritsar is between the months of October and March.

Tourist Places of Amritsar:

Golden Temple – The Golden Temple or Har Mandir Saheb is the holiest shrine for the people of the Sikh religion. The temple was the main center of the old Amritsar city, which is visited by Sikh devotees from all parts of the world. Built between 1588 and 1601, the temple architecture is a combination of Hindu and Muslim styles.

Jallianwala Bagh – The park is situated close to the Golden Temple. It commemorates 2,000 Indians, who were killed or wounded by the British soldiers during a meeting.

Wagah Border – Wagah Border, the final frontier is located about 47 km from Amritsar. This is the only border crossing between India and neighbour country Pakistan. Every evening at sunset the parade takes place between the soldiers of India and Pakistan. It is a great moment to see the soldiers of both countries in high enthusiasm and respect for each other.

Mata Mandir Temple – Located at Rani Ka Bagh, this temple was developed by a grand old pious woman. Built on the lines of the holy shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi in Jammu, the temple is thronged by a large number of devotees.

Ram Tirath Temple – Situated on the outskirts of Amritsar, the temple is the birthplace of Lav and Kush. The sacred place for the Hindus is visited by a large number of people to get a glimpse of statues illustrating scenes from the mythological Ramayana.

Lalbagh Garden – Covering an area of 240 km, this beautifully laid out garden is a popular picnic spot in the city. The garden is home to many tropical and subtropical plants, a deer park, fountains and pond that attract the visitors.

Mata Temple – This Hindu temple, was built to commemorate a bespectacled 20th century female Saint Lal Devi. Mata Temple is mostly visited by women wishing to have children.

Tarn Taran – Located about 25 km south of Amritsar, this is an important Sikh tank. It is said that the tank has healing properties and corrects minor skin ailments.

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