A historic tour to the city of Golden Temple, Amritsar

Amritsar is among the most prehistoric and captivating metropolises of India. It is a significant place in the history and civilization of Sikhism. The people who are coming from Asian destinations, Amritsar is the major entrance to India for them. Flights to Amritsar are operating on a regular basis from worldwide destinations because of the importance of the city as the commercial hub. The city surrounds many prehistoric and sacred places and most famous of all, which everyone visits on its tour to Amritsar, is Golden Temple, which is also famed as the Harimandir Sahib. This holy place positions in the form of a rectangular shape and bounded by a water lake named as the Amrit Sarovar. The city is also named by this word, which means the sacred tank. Get flights to Amritsar and experience it yourself.

The temple is the significant and holy monument for the Sikhs, who come from the entire world to take advantage of the peaceful and heavenly atmosphere and pay their gratitude to god by offering prayers. Besides being significant among Sikhs, it is also becoming the most visited tourist spot by travelers from the entire planet. This representation of glory also presents perfect and attractive architectural skills. This place is also believed to be a healing place that’s why many people from worldwide destinations book cheap flights to Amritsar and reach at this place to get rid of problems as they believe that this will make their wishes come true.

People who visit this place should follow a few rules, which are that one must not be drunk or smoke or eat meat inside the memorial. Many stall are places around in the temple’s environs from where you can buy different goods like Bandana, which is bought to cover the head. Shoes are not allowed to be taken in rather feet are also washed with the water of the pool before getting inside. People have to take a trip around the pool in the clockwise direction to complete their Parikrama custom. Isn’t this all look fascinating? But the real charm can only be caught by taking flights to Amritsar.

From the temple, there is a way to Hari Mandir by a bridge which is also to represent the journey of the soul after death. The Amritsar International airport is the easy way to reach there by taking flights to Amritsar. As this city has a direct connection with not only domestic but also many international destinations.

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I have visited many places in the world and the golden temple Amritsar definitely comes in the top list of my favorite places. It is easily reachable with flights to Amritsar.