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The Top 8 Best Beaches in the World

James | 09th Sep 2022

There is something about a good beach that awakens the senses: the salty aroma of the sea air, the tranquil murmur of the waves, and the gentle nip of sand stirred up by the gentle breeze. We looked for areas that may require a little more travel time or you may live quite close to these best beaches! They are still incredibly beautiful and frequently empty of tourists, in place of the typical sandy spots dotted with sun umbrellas and crowds of visitors. These are the top 8 best beaches in the world, ranging from the most beautiful stretches in America to remote areas in Asia, Africa, and more. 

Best Beaches Around the World

Auroville Beach, India 

auroville beach

This beach is ideal for swimming due to its gentle slope, warm water, and small waves. The abundance of seashells that arrive on the shores of Auroville every day makes it a great place to collect them. Additionally, it is one of the cleanest beaches and could be one of the best beaches!

The winter season, which lasts from November to March, is the ideal time to visit Auroville Beach. The weather in Auroville is tropical in nature. The summers are hot and humid, with average temperatures ranging from 40-44 degrees.

Auroville Beach is just 12 km from the centre of the city and is conveniently reachable by road for both locals and visitors, whether they are travelling directly from the airport, railway station, or bus stop. After arriving in Pondicherry via any mode of transportation, you have a few options for getting around the city: an auto-rickshaw ride, a bus service, or a taxi that you can hire from the list of top car rental companies in Pondicherry. The distance from Pondicherry Beach, the Pondicherry Railway Station, and the Pondicherry Bus Stand is only 7.5 km and 8.3 km, respectively.

Carpinteria City Beach, California

carpinteria city beach

Carpinteria City Beach, also known as the “World’s Safest Beach,” is a very special beach that is rated as the best beach for swimming in California. This is largely because of its southern exposure and the Channel Islands’ protection. At our special beach, surfers typically appreciate the small waves and the absence of riptides. The State Park Beach and the Seal Rookery are located south of this beach, which stretches for miles in both directions, north toward Padaro Lane.

In Carpinteria, the summers are warm, arid, and clear, and the winters are long, cool, wet, and partly cloudy. For warm-weather activities, mid-June to late September is the best time of year to travel to Carpinteria. This is due to the fact that it prefers clear, dry days with perceived temperatures of between 18 °C and 27 °C.

The town of Carpinteria, which is 10 miles south of Santa Barbara, has everything that makes a great town: a main street lined with restaurants and bars; a beach; bike paths; reasonably priced lodging; and incredibly approachable locals. 

Siesta Key, Florida

siesta key

The White Sand Beach, also referred to as Siesta Beach or just White Sand Beach, is the ideal illustration of a white sand Florida beach. In fact, Siesta Key Beach has received recognition for its sand, which is considered to be some of the whitest in the entire world. According to scientific analysis, the sand is 99% quartz.

It is extremely pure and feels incredibly soft and smooth as you walk on it. Since Siesta Key Beach’s quartz can be traced all the way back to the Appalachian Mountains, it has eroded over time and been washed onto the key before ending up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Additionally, the area’s waters are stunning and crystal clear, with gentle waves that make swimming a breeze. Given that it has lifeguards on duty constantly and is one of Florida’s safest beaches, Siesta Beach is a good vacation spot for families.

If visiting Siesta Key in the ideal weather is your top priority, then you should schedule your trip for between March and May. The best time to visit Siesta Key is in the spring. When temperatures range from 70 to 80 degrees and there is less rainfall than in the summer and early fall. 


Long Beach, Vancouver Island, Canada

long beach, canada

Not just tropical beaches can leave one speechless with their breathtaking beauty. The best example is Long Beach, Canada’s Vancouver Island’s longest sandy beach and home to breathtaking natural scenery and an unrivalled maritime wilderness.

Between Tofino and Ucluelet, within the boundaries of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, are 10 miles (16 km) of immaculate sand that are bordered by lush rainforests and lapped by a chilly, pounding surf. Every spring and summer, 20,000 grey whales travel up this coast.

July and August, which is the busiest summer travel period, are the ideal times to visit Long Beach on Vancouver Island. Sadly, Vancouver’s best weather of the year is accompanied by a ton of tourists. However, that is what happens when you want to go to the beach when it is warm and sunny. 

Como Cocoa Island, Maldives

como cocoa island

These are the Maldives. There is no such thing as an ugly beach! But Cocoa Island’s white, fine sands and shimmering sapphire waters are absolute perfection. The resort also offers upscale dining options and entertaining activities. And it still has more to it.

During your stay at the resort, you can take advantage of its Como Shambhala wellness programs, which include spa treatments and yoga and will look after both your body and soul. The resort ensures that your stay is the most elegant and opulent one possible with its many accolade-winning services, which is why it has one of the best beaches!

The months of November through April, excluding the monsoon season, are the ideal times to travel to the Maldives. We advise visiting between March and April. This is because you can take advantage of the hot, dry weather and less crowded resorts.

Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka 

mirissa beach

There are many things to do in Mirissa! Such as fantastic whale-watching tours or taking a day trip to the ancient town of Galle. Sadly, if we want this to happen, we want to keep costs as low as possible. It is a stunning beach with a calm, unhurried atmosphere.

This is among the best surf spots in Sri Lanka because of the occasionally large waves. Numerous quaint eateries and cafes that serve delectable, fresh seafood line the beach. As soon as dusk falls, the eateries set up tables and chairs on the sand, light candles and lanterns, and start grilling seafood. It has a really pleasant vibe and is a wonderful way to cap off your day at Mirissa Beach!

The best months to visit Mirissa are December through February, especially if you like a little bit of mild warmth. There are 4–10 days of rain per month during this time period, with temperatures averaging 31.2–29.4°C on average. Wintertime in this location is the ideal time of year to travel to Mirissa.

Patnem Beach, Goa, India

pantem beach

Anjuna Beach, Goa’s most famous attraction and the hippie haven of the 1960s is well known to tourists. If the clamour of tourist raves and flea markets is not your thing, head to the less well-known Patnem shores, which are just a short distance from the increasingly crowded Palolem beach.

Although Patnem is smaller than its well-known neighbour, it is less cramped and offers less expensive beach hut lodging. It’s the ideal spot to relax and take in the sunset while applauding yourself for avoiding the Goan tourist crowd. Above all, despite the attention Patnem Beach has received from both tourists and foreigners, its cleanliness has not been affected.

It is crucial that tourists and locals alike who travel do not linger in the places they visit. Furthermore, if we leave trash on the beaches we visit, they won’t look as alluring. 

The best season to visit this beach is from October to March during the cooler months. This is when the calm seas and pleasant weather are ideal for activities like swimming and other beach-related activities. Despite being very hot, the summer season from March to June is also great for swimming.

Boracay, White Beach, Philippines

boracay, white beach

The most well-known beach in the Philippines is White Beach on Boracay Island. White Beach is the go-to location for the pinnacle of paradise experiences. Its coast is lined with hotels, restaurants, resorts, shops, and other tourism-related businesses. White Beach is about four kilometres long. White Beach is renowned all over the world for its expansive stretches of fine white sand and crystal-clear water. The majority of tourists who visit Boracay for leisure stay in this region.

The dry season, which begins in November and lasts through April, is the ideal time to travel to Boracay. This time of year, known as “Amihan season,” brings the island’s chilly northeast wind. The seawater is ideal for swimming, diving, and other activities, and humidity and rainfall are still at a minimum. 

These are the top eight best beaches in the world that we advise you to visit. If you want to see more of the best beaches or best places to travel, make sure to visit our Travel Blog!

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