Passengers arriving on flights to Ahmedabad can enjoy textiles, thalis, and temples courtesy of the city’s industrial heritage, excellent restaurants, and striking architecture. Discover why Ahmedabad is called the Manchester of the East, see mosques and temples standing side by side, and visit the source of Mahatma Gandhi’s peaceful protests, after Ahmedabad flights

Ahmedabad, on the Bay of Cambay, is the state of Gujarat’s principal city. Given its mix of medieval and modern, along with the coexistence of Hindu, Muslim, and Jain communities, it is a compelling place to explore. Indeed, Ahmedabad is one of the finest places in India to see the blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural style known as Indo-Saracenic.

Founded in 1411 by Ahmed Shah, by the 17th century, it was thought to be one of the finest cities in India. After a period of decline, its industrial strength raised the city and from 1915 became world-famous as the site of Gandhi’s ashram and the place where he launched his celebrated march against the Salt Law.

A wander through the vibrant bazaars and residential areas of the old city offers visual reward in the form of Bhadra – the fortified citadel, numerous mosques including the stunning 15th century Jama Masjid and tombs of Ahmedabad’s Muslim rulers plus Hindu and Jain temples. Northern Gujarat also abounds in remarkable step-wells, deep with elaborately carved walls. Dad Hari-ni-Vav on the outskirts of the city is perhaps the finest.

On Ashram Road is Sabarmati Ashram where the Mahatma lived from 1917 – 1930, as he helped weavers to find security and re-establish the manual textile industry in Ahmedabad. You cannot miss the Calico Museum of Textiles as it has an excellent collection of antique and modern textiles.

A holiday to Ahmedabad is the perfect destination if you want to kick back and relax among breathtaking views and enjoy the taste of culture, history, architecture, deities, religious significance, legends, and festivals. You will feel as if you have arrived in paradise on holiday to Ahmedabad.

The best times to take your Ahmedabad holidays are between November and February, it is an entirely different experience to check out open-air restaurants and road-side stalls during winters, as the weather is just apt for enjoying the beauty of nature. So, when you are planning a holiday to Ahmedabad, you might prefer to go during the period between October and March.

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