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Qatar Airways | The Jewel in the Skies! | Travel Blog

Shavi | 21st Oct 2022

Every day, Qatar Airways offers connections to more than 160 locations worldwide. People are making longer and more frequent trips than they previously did! Qatar Airways is without a doubt an excellent airline to fly with. But how did it come to be? What are the classes? To learn more about its history and classes, keep reading!

Qatar Airways History

Qatar Airways was established in 1993 and is owned by the Qatari Royal Family; it started operating in January 1994 and has since changed ownership, with the State of Qatar holding a 50% stake and private investors holding the remaining 20%. With their commitment to the security of their passengers, Qatar Airways became the first airline in the world to pass IATA’s IOTA Safety Audit in 2003.

On November 22, 1993, the Qatari government established Qatar Airways, and on January 20, 1994, it began to operate. In May 1994, Amman was first offered. Sheikh Hamad Bin Ali Bin Jabor Al Thani led the airline in April 1995 and oversaw 75 employees. At this point, the fleet consisted of two Airbus A310s and flew to destinations such as Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Cairo, Dubai, Khartoum, Kuwait, London, Madras, Muscat, Osaka, Sharjah, Taipei, Tokyo, and Trivandrum. In 1995, Boeing sold two ex-All Nippon Airways Boeing 747s. In 1996, Air Mauritius sold the airline a used Boeing 747SP.

For the fiscal year (FY) that ended in March 2004, the Qatar Airways Group—which consists of Qatar Airways, Doha International Airport, corporate business air services, ground handling, and in-flight catering firms—reported its first-ever profit. The airline carried 3.35 million passengers in FY 2004.  In March 2005, a brand-new service to Osaka began. On September 8, 2006, it received its first A340.

How good is Qatar Airways?

The airline was chosen to be the official airline for the 2006 Asian Games held in Qatar (Doha) because of its stellar reputation for hospitality and service on a global scale. It is one of the seven airlines to receive the “5-Star” rating. Not only that but also for seven years running, Qatar Airways received the Skytrax Airline Awards’ best cabin crew award for the Middle East. As well as one of the airlines with one of the fastest growth rates! Qatar keeps adding new destinations to its current service network. About 19,000 people work for Qatar Airways Group. 

Now that we are aware of its past, First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class are two three-cabin configurations that need to be discussed. We’ll discuss its benefits and how great they are! 

Qatar Airways Economy Class

qatar economy class

What is the economy class on Qatar Airways like? The benefits and foods are all listed below. 

Services Offered:

The new economy class on Qatar Airways will have brand-new seats with a 19-degree recline angle (that doesn’t obstruct the passenger behind), more legroom, and a 13.3-inch 4K screen for in-flight entertainment. However, this has not been officially confirmed yet. 

Enjoy delectable cuisine created by the world’s top chefs and skillfully served at opulent vintages when you fly with Qatar Airways. You can take your pick from a tantalising à la carte menu whenever you want. 

Qatar Airways Businesses Class

It’s just as good as first class on other airlines, according to passengers of Qatar Airways. And it is. 

Qatar Airways Business Class deserves every accolade it receives for its renowned, private, and distinctive Qsuite, opulent lounges, and impressive in-flight service and dining. Such highly regarded amenities for a global carrier seem unmatched these days, especially for an airline with a network that spans the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

The latest aircraft to join the fleet of Qatar Airways. The upgraded Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has prompted the airline to add a new Business Class Suite to its lineup of seats. The Business Class Suite, though smaller than the Qsuite, still provides an impressive level of luxury for even the most discriminating traveller. Airbus A380s are also flown by Qatar between London, Heathrow, Paris, and Doha, with service to Sydney beginning in June.

It’s challenging to criticise Qatar Airways’ in-flight service. 

The food on Qatar Airways is delicious. Their onboard cuisine is not only diverse. But you can also order what you want, when you want. Most travellers choose to eat first, so if there is something you’ve been eyeing online, book it as soon as possible, even if you don’t plan to eat until later. If you don’t, you will miss out. The staff will save them along with your favourite meals.

Qatar Airways First Class

Despite some differences in features between the aircraft types used—in this case, the double-decker A380 and the smaller 777 First Class will continue to provide benefits and an overall exceptional travel experience. 

The first-class cabin is designed with everything that you need! Whether that be a restful night’s sleep or a useful workspace, prioritise privacy and are unwavering in their commitment to comfort. Without a doubt, it is beautifully designed with burgundy—the national colour of Qatar—contrasting against light grey. Qatar Airways goes without saying that it ditches the glitz and gold of rival Middle Eastern aircraft in favour of a more welcoming and contemporary aesthetic. 

On the A380, First Class has seating that is positioned in front of the upper deck. So it’s a 1-2-1 setup. 

However, in the first class, the six seats are arranged 1-1-1. However, these are the most private seats in the ‘A’ aisle, which has a way of isolating them from the rest of the cabin.

The bar, which exudes effortless elegance and inherent attention to detail, is arguably the most amazing part of the Qatar luxury experience. The bar is cheered by travellers as being the best in the industry and is accessible to both first-class and business-class passengers. It’s a fantastic area with an amazing view, and it’s located toward the back of the A380’s upper deck.

Additionally, the food and drinks are up to the First Class bar’s standards. The quality of the menu, which provides a wide range of options to satisfy a range of dietary needs, never lets you down for an experience.

What the Cabin Crew Like?

This is the Cabin Crew celebrating their award-winning Cabin Crew International Flight Attendant! 

How friendly is the cabin staff? Are they pleasant? Rude? Strict? For a flight attendant’s perspective, read on below! 

‘Qatar is a fantastic place to work. It offers a lucrative salary, great benefits, and the opportunity to travel. My experience with Qatar Airways was extremely positive as the staff were friendly and professional. The job also offers a lot of benefits, a great working experience and much-needed growth.’

Flight Attendant

But what are our thoughts on it? 

With its helpful and knowledgeable staff, Qatar Airways is a carrier that we endorse. To finish their work as soon as possible, they work quickly and productively. Therefore, a trustworthy airline is Qatar Airways.

But what makes Qatar Airways different from other airlines?

Aren’t all airlines the same? To illustrate how Qatar Airways differs from other airlines, here are a few examples. 

Customers Voted The Experience #1 In The World

An airline review ranking of the top airlines is published annually by Skytrax. Only Qatar Airways has achieved this feat five times. This is an accurate portrayal of popular opinion.

The Longest Flight In The World

Flying on Qatar Airlines, you fly right over the continent. In total, 9, 031 miles are travelled in 17 hours and 30 minutes to get from Qatar to Auckland, City in the North Island, New Zealand. CNN (Cable News Network) Business claims that it earned this airline the title of longest flight in the world.

The Lighting Is Suitable For Sleeping And Awake Passengers

According to the Daily Mail, relaxing purple lighting helps calm anxious travellers. Furthermore, it is a compromise. So now, passengers that are tired can get to sleep if they need to. More posts are available on the Travel Blog.

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