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Cape Town is a metropolis with a miscellaneous variety of attractions, tourist attractions, and behaviour to present. From plentiful and comfortable to backpacking on a budget, Cape Town has something for everyone. From the familiar sight beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay to the vibrant V&A Waterfront and Cape Town city centre and the award-winning wine farms of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, time spent in Cape Town will not be forgotten.

Cape Town airport offers an outstanding entry point to South Africa. The airport has newly undergone widespread renovations to bring it into line with international standards. A variety is available while looking for five-star alliance airlines, direct flights, and cheap flights to Cape Town. When in South Africa it is advisable to hire a car as many destinations are not easily accessible by public transport. Even though there are public transport systems in Cape Town, they are not entirely suited to the holidaymaker and are not always reliable after hours.


If you are travelling from side to side in Cape Town we want you to visit the Cape’s finest beaches so you leave not only with a golden tan but with fond reminiscences of this extraordinary and stunning region. The Cape Town beach guide is also designed to inspire locals to visit beaches that they do not normally think of, to have sundowners on the beach more often, and to make the very best out of living in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

If your business enterprise is further away from Cape Town, up the West and East coast, there are many more fantastic beaches to visit. Beaches in Cape Town are White sandy beaches, Suntan in Cape Town, Picnic beaches, sheltered beaches, and many more.

Natural Reserves

The Cape Point or Cape of Good Hope, located at the southwestern tip of Africa, is a place well known for unfaithful seas, disturbing many a ship as they passed from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean or visa-versa. Table Mountain National Park overseas is a wonderfully scenic area which is home to an entire floral kingdom and numerous populations of animals.

Around the park, there are frequent walking trails for you to explore. There is a funicular that will take you right to the tip where you are able to look back in awe at the beauty of Cape Point, Cape Town, and its surroundings. There is an indescribable emotion that you get a reputation at this point and if you are in Cape Town this is a must-see local attraction.

Green Market Square

In Cape Town’s city centre, there is one of Cape Town’s oldest and most popular markets known as Green Market Square. The paved stone square has a wide variety of African curios, clothing, candles, and speciality stands. There are restaurants and cafes that enclose the square if you wish to rest your feet and take a break from your shopping.

The history of the market dates back to when ships transitory the Cape would use the area for trading their goods and stocking up on create before they continued along on their voyages. You will find that the market is always alive with people and has a great ambience and sense of character about it.


Boulders Beach is positioned just after the marine port and picturesque village of Simmons’s Town. The beach has very healthy inhabitants of African Penguins who have chosen the beach as their home and breeding ground due to the fact that there are fewer predators on this part of the coast.

Since 1985 the population has grown at a significant rate as the birds are feeding on the abundant supply of small shoaling fish in False Bay. The secluded area is a well-liked local magnetism and is looked after by Table Mountain National Park. There are walkways that enable you to view the penguins without disturbing them in their natural habitat.

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