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Ahmedabad continues to allure you forever with its age-old palaces, famous temples, spectacular animals, and birds in lush green forests as well as its vibrant colourful festivities. With the abundant tourist attractions in Ahmedabad, it offers something to everyone, and for this reason, many travellers take cheap flights to Ahmedabad and tour Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad temples exhibit a rich architectural marvel of the bygone era. The temples of Ahmedabad are a major tourist attraction of the place, for this reason, many avail cheap tickets to Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad attracts pilgrims from all over the world, with worldwide airlines now flying to Ahmedabad, it connects many people with Ahmedabad, and flights to Ahmedabad. Some of the renowned religious places of Ahmedabad are as follows:

Vaishnodevi Temple: Replica of the famous Vaishno Devi temple located at Sola Gandhinagar Highway.

ISKCON Temple: ISKCON is the abbreviation for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. This temple depicts Lord Krishna with his beloved lover Radha, who is regarded as the epitome of true love. Also called the Hare Krishna Temple, ISKCON temple situates in a vast area with lovely trees, which gives a serene and tranquil environment to the devotees.

Hathi Singh Jain Temple: An impressive white structure, the Jain temple built of white marble and elaborately carved are dedicated to Dharmanath – the 15th Jina or Jain Apostle. Similar to all Jain temples, this temple is rich in intricate carvings displaying among other things – musicians.

Ahmedabad has been famous for its Derasars or Jain Temples like Chintamani Temple, Hutheesingh Temple, and various others situated in the old city. There are approximately a hundred plus Derasars in the old city. Many of them were built in Moghul times, many are situated in the houses of people and many are underground.

Shri Swaminarayan Mandir: Centre place of Ahmedabad City and Most Beautiful and getting peace in it.

Akshardham: It is one of the finest contemporary Gujarat temples in India. It exhibits a blend of traditional sandstone carving with the latest technologies like fibre optics, sound and light shows, multi-media, audio-visual shows, etc.

Bhadra Kali Mandir (Temple) & Fort: The Temple was built in the fort of Bhadra during Aazam Khan’s time. It was built in one of the ground floor rooms and it draws thousands of visitors every day.

Sidi Syed Mosque: The mosque is situated near Lal Darwajaa and it has magnificently carved stonework. The mosque is famous worldwide for the same. 

Jama Masjid: A fine example of Islamic Architecture is developed in the Sultanate period and was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1423 A.D. It stands on 260 pillars with the support of 15 Domes, the mosque is also regarded as one of the most beautiful monuments in Western India. One could witness outstanding workmanship and design.

Sidi Bashir’s Mosque and Shaking Minarets: is also known famously as the mosque with shaking minarets (Julta Minar) built with such skill and craftsmanship that they respond to vibrations which are transferred across via a stone bridge, when one minaret is shaken, the others rock in sympathy.

Ahmad Shah Mosque: Dating from 1414, this was one of the earliest mosques in the city and was probably built on the site of a Hindu temple, using Parts of that time in its construction. It is in the southwest of the Bhadra. The front of the mosque is now a garden.

Sidi Bashir Mosque: Situated south of Ahmedabad station, outside the Sarangpur gate. This mosque is famous for its 21.3 meters high shaking minarets which were built to shake to protect against earthquakes.

The Rani Sipri’s Mosque: This small mosque is also known as the Masjid-e-Nagira or Jewel of the Mosque due to its graceful construction, with slender minarets. It is said to have been commissioned in 1514 by the wife of Sultan Mahmud Begara after he executed their son for some minor mistake. She is also buried here.

Rani Rupmati’s Mosque: This mosque was built between 1430 and 1440 and was named after the Hindu wife of the Sultan. The minarets were damaged in the great earthquake of 1819. The dome is elevated to allow light in around its base. This mosque combines elements of Hindu and Islamic design.

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