Thailand is one of the world most favorite traveling destinations. Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia mainland. Surrounded by Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Andaman Sea, and Gulf of Thailand. Thailand has around 513,119.5 square kilometers of area, which is the world’s 49th largest country and South East Asia’s 3rd largest country

Thailand has many wonderful tourist attractions both inland and coastline such as islands, beaches, under the sea, hills, caves, waterfall, natural forests, sightseeing, and historical places, where attract more than 10 million travelers from everywhere all over the world each year. Not only the beautiful tourist attractions that magnet tourists, but it’s also the tropical climate, wonderful tasty foods, interesting activities, and friendly Thai people. That makes Thailand, where tourists can enjoy Unforgettable Amazing Travelling Experiences. The best time of year (with the most comfortable climate) for visiting most of Thailand falls between November and March – during these months it rains the least and is not too hot.

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