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The USA is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Whether it’s Florida on the East Coast or California on the West, you’re sure to find some golden sands that suit your tastes. Beach holidays in America come in a wide variety of temperatures, depending on where you go and also what time of year you visit.

Many travellers have for quite some time regarding Palm Beach County as a wealthy and luxurious destination, but with a number of new hotels opening in the area the Florida coastline looks set to become an even more popular stopover among travellers. Accessible from both Orlando and Miami, both the Seagate Hotel & Spa and The Omphoy Ocean Resort offer a luxurious and relaxing opportunity to indulge while on holiday.

Palm Beach

With the popularity of twin-centre breaks increasing, Palm Beach is ideally located for those wishing to spend a few days away from Miami. Holidaymakers in Orlando seeking a rest from busy days spent at nearby theme parks will find that plenty of relaxation is available at both the new hotels.

Omphoy Ocean Resort

The Omphoy Ocean Resort, the first beachfront hotel to be opened in the area in 18 years, is located on Palm Beach Island. The hotel is only a stroll away from the region’s international airport. The hotel is popular among tourists for its vibrant bar, private beach, and contemporary styling. Alternatively, the Seagate Hotel & Spa located on Delray Beach provides an airy and light atmosphere, with the beach itself located a mere block away from the hotel.

Perfect for both couples and families, the luxury hotel has the attraction of both excellent spa facilities and a private beach club.

Both Miami and Orlando continue to be popular destinations among tourists, especially with the latter’s recent addition of the Harry Potter theme park attracting many travellers from across the globe. Both locations promise tourists an exhilarating and exciting holiday, so consider taking a few days out in Palm Beach County.

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