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Road Trip Adventures: Exploring the Best Routes Worldwide!

James | 07th Sep 2023

Exploring a country or continent can take many shapes, but there’s nothing like strapping in your seatbelt, hitting the open road, and going on memorable road trip adventures in one or perhaps two countries. Nevertheless, you take control of your adventure, steering it to wherever your heart or curiosity takes you. 

Moreover, it’s all about the journey.

Furthermore, our list of the top eleven road trips around the globe covers a wide range of settings! From traversing Alpine mountain ranges and parched desert landscapes in one destination to meandering through lush woods in another and tracing the harsh coastlines of a third. 

So, let us now embark on some route planning and prepare to be inspired by these road trip adventures:

Pacific Coast Highway, USA:

1,650 miles (2,655 km) – (according to Road Trip USA, if you are planning a West Coast Road Trip)

Firstly, the Pacific Coast Highway in the United States stretches 1,650 miles (2,655 km) along the breathtaking California coastline.

This legendary road journey takes you through dynamic towns such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. As well as, providing breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. 

The Pacific Coast Highway promises a spectacular ride through some of California’s most stunning scenery. Whether you’re cruising by towering cliffs, lovely coastal towns, or isolated beaches.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of Pacific Coast Highway, USA
Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Great Ocean Road, Australia:

243 kilometres (151 miles) – (according to Anywhere We Roam)

The Great Ocean Road is a breathtaking journey that runs for approximately 243 kilometres (151 miles) along Victoria’s magnificent coastline. 

As well as the magnificent sites along the journey are the iconic Twelve Apostles Rocks formations and lovely green jungles. 

This coastline drive is an enthralling study of Australia’s natural splendours, with spectacular views at every turn.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of Great Ocean Road, Australia
Great Ocean Road, Australia

Ring Road, Iceland:

1,322 kilometres (820 miles) – (according to Visit Iceland)

The Ring Road, which is roughly 1,322 kilometres (820 miles) long, provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel around Iceland’s entire mesmerising island. 

On this epic road trip, you will be entirely immersed in a world of geothermal marvels, gorgeous waterfalls, gigantic glaciers, and spectacular volcanic landscapes. 

Every turn and bend of the road unveils a new, breathtaking natural wonder, highlighting Iceland’s untamed, raw beauty.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of Ring Road, Iceland
Ring Road, Iceland

Amalfi Coast, Italy:

40 kilometres (25 miles) – (according to Wikipedia)

Set out on a 40 km (25 miles) or so journey down the Amalfi Coast in the Mediterranean. Following twisting roads that cling to the jagged cliffs. Panoramic views of the Mediterranean are available at every turn and twist in this tour of road trip adventures. 

Positano and Amalfi, two quaint towns that are each a special jewel along this alluring coastal path, are just a couple of the gorgeous towns you’ll pass along the way.

The Amalfi Coast embodies the very essence of road trip adventures, where every moment is a breathtaking discovery along the winding shores of the Mediterranean.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of Amalfi Coast, Italy
Amalfi Coast, Italy

Route 66, USA:

3,940 kilometres (2,448 miles) – (according to Wikipedia)

Begin your ultimate American road trip adventures via Route 66, which spans around 3,940 kilometres (2,448 miles).

This legendary voyage is a nostalgic excursion through Americana, complete with quirky roadside attractions that evoke the spirit of a bygone period. 

Route 66 has become synonymous with road trip experiences. It provides a one-of-a-kind journey that travels through the centre of the United States, It can immerse visitors in the rich tapestry of American culture and history.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of Route 66, USA
Route 66, USA

The Garden Route, South Africa:

300-kilometre (190 miles) – (according to Go2Africa)

The Garden Route in South Africa offers around 300 km (190 miles) of beautiful road trip adventures.

This journey will take you through a patchwork of varied landscapes. From lush forests and breathtaking beaches to charming villages. 

The Garden Route is a must-see destination for people seeking adventure amid breathtaking scenery. It is an immersive experience that delights the senses and gives a taste of South Africa’s natural beauty.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of The Garden Route, South Africa
The Garden Route, South Africa

North Coast 500, Scotland: 

516 miles (830km) – (according to RAC)

Prepare for Highland road trip adventures on the North Coast 500. Additionally, this route spans approximately 500 miles (805 kilometres) across Scotland’s lonely and rocky Highlands. 

Nevertheless, this unique journey immerses you in the heart of road trip adventures. Moreover, it allows you to see mediaeval castles that whisper legends of old, gaze upon tranquil lochs that mirror the sky and savour spectacular coastal views that will take your breath away. 

Subsequently, the North Coast 500 is the ultimate adventure for those looking to explore the raw beauty of the Scottish Highlands through the lens of a road trip.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of North Coast 500, Scotland
North Coast 500, Scotland

Transfagarasan Highway, Romania: 

150km (93.2 miles) – (according to Wanderlust With Kids)

Embark on an exhilarating Alpine journey through the Carpathian Mountains on the Transfagarasan Highway, covering approximately 150km (93.2 miles)

Further, this adventure promises road trip thrills, taking you on one of the world’s most scenic routes with hairpin turns that challenge your driving skills and stunning alpine vistas that reward your senses at every curve. 

Therefore, the Transfagarasan Highway is a road trip like no other. A true test of adventure-seeker’s mettle in the heart of Romania’s breathtaking landscapes.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of Transfagarasan Highway, Romania
Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

Ruta 40, Argentina:

5,194 kilometres (3,227 miles) 

Get ready for a long drive on Ruta 40 in Argentina, which will cover a considerable distance of almost 5,194 kilometres (3,227 miles). 

Likewise, this journey travels the full length of Argentina, from the majestic Andes to the unspoiled splendour of Patagonia, and perfectly captures the spirit of road trip adventures. You’ll travel across a variety of landscapes while becoming fully immersed in the vibrant fabric of the surrounding community.

With its spectacular tour of Argentina’s natural treasures and the centre of its vibrant communities, Ruta 40 is the perfect road trip adventures.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of Ruta 40, Argentina
Ruta 40, Argentina

Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

1600 miles (2600 km) – (according to Wild Atlantic Way)

On the other hand this seaside voyage along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, a 1600-mile (2600 km) stretch of meandering roads embodies the essence of road trip adventures. 

Additionally, this journey reveals a treasure trove of road trip adventures as you meander around Ireland’s rocky western coastline. From encounters with ancient monuments steeped in history to the discovery of lovely villages where local customs flourish. 

The drama of towering cliffs and the wild beauty of the Atlantic Ocean will captivate you. In addition. it makes the Wild Atlantic Way a road journey of unequalled adventure along Ireland’s stunning coast.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland
Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

Wayanad Ghat Road, India:

14 kilometres (8.6 miles) – (according to Wikipedia)

Lastly, the Wayanad Ghat Road, located in Kerala, India, spans around 14 kilometres (8.6 miles) and is a call to captivating road trip adventures. 

This magnificent route snakes through the Western Ghats, providing visitors with a hypnotic tapestry of lush tea plantations, deep woods, and exhilarating hairpin curves that define the road trip experience. 

Finally, don’t forget to linger at the Lakkidi View Point, where calm landscapes await. Above all, this excursion is a wonderful blend of road trip adventures and serene moments of introspection.

Oceans Travel | Road Trip Adventures - Image of Wayanad Ghat Road, India
Wayanad Ghat Road, India

In the end, these different road trip adventures around the world provide a kaleidoscope of sensations.

From the harsh coasts of the Pacific Coast Highway to the Alpine thrills of the Transfagarasan Highway. Not only the freedom to choose your path and relish the journey itself but also at the heart of road trip adventures. 

Whether you’re exploring the spectacular landscapes of Iceland’s Ring Road or soaking in the Mediterranean vistas of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, each excursion is a celebration of the open road.

Prepare to be inspired, plan your itinerary, and start on your spectacular road trip adventures, where the world’s beauty reveals one mile at a time.

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Road Trip Adventures: Exploring the Best Routes Worldwide!

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